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What is channeling? Channeling is, where Alura uses her natural spiritual/psychic abilities, to seek answers, receive messages from Angels, Spirit Guides, and Higher selves, and much more. However again Alura only allows herself to work through the heavenly spheres, for divinity and purity. Channeling is done by Alura, using clairvoyance, intuition, Spirit Communication, or OBE in where she meets with the heavenly authorities first, to then reach the spirits whom you request. this ensures safety and protection against trickster spirits or evil spirits.. Channeling provides alot more insight, and is the deepest method you can use to seek answers.  Please take a look at the pages for more options, and prepare for a wonderful reading today!

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Review the below categories of readings that I do and then see the actual selections afterwards at the bottom of the page.

Soul Readings

Alura was one of the first to launch the concept of the soul reading from her video debut on Youtube, "Traits of an Incarnated Angel". Wondering who you are? Want to know the traits, and origins of your soul? This helps you to know who you have become as a higher self and how it reflects on who you are as this character, in this life. Are you living as your true, real complete self? Are you of Earth, or do you have otherworldly origins? Haven't you always felt different? Find out why! The soul reading also provides insight on special abilities that you may have, and energies that follow you in terms of your soul and its course.

Spirit Realms

In the many realms exists your deceased loved ones, ancestral guides, spirit guides, magical entities, astral beings, and even those who lurk in the dark. These beings, are closer to the 3D world being just beyond us. They can provide insight into any area of life or issue in it. They are all around us just on the other side of the spirit veil wanting to be heard.

The Soul's Contract

Every soul has a contract and you add to it, throughout your journey. Discover the lessons that you agreed to. Find out what your connections are to someone. Or, learn what your purposes are in existence alone, this life's purpose, or your mission here on Earth. This area of reading in your soul, also helps us to learn what karmic debts you owe still and how they may be in your way. What will happen when you die, and what will your afterlife be like?  We also offer Soul Auditing which is like a life review that you have after death, but to have it while alive, to motivate you towards changing the outcome. Do you have ties with generational spirits, or another individual?

Animals and Children

Animals and children are very important too. Having the ability to channel the living, Alura can discover how you child really feels which is greatly therapeutic in helping you to communicate when they won't. Its important to know their origins and purpose too, as it helps them to go in the right direction whereas most people get lost along the way in life. Animals too, need their owners to understand them. As an animal whisperer, Alura can add a voice to the silent loved ones in your life.

 Purpose Readings

Everyone has a purpose to fulfill. This could be personally, spiritually, or both. Do you ever wonder what you are to do? Do you have a special meaning to why you entered into this life?  Would you like to know what your purpose is, of being alive and here, in this life? Guidance and direction is finally found.

Your Akashic Records

The akasha is the higher self, a collective of information from your soul origins, past celestial experiences, past lives on Earth, your Karma or your entire spiritual blueprints. Whether you want a message from higher self, or you have a need to have your entire story told with an akasha reading, we have the options!  Get your whole journey read for you, a single past life, find out your origins and soul type, or your whole blueprint... (Prices vary.)

Spiritual Advising

As an angelic soul who has reached enlightenment herself, Alura can also advise you just as any ascended master would. However, she also has experience here on Earth having witnessed the trials that humans go through. Therefore, she provides insight that is divine but also profoundly on your level too. She offers a small and large channeling package. The small package allows you to ask three questions, while the large gives you up to five. Don't forget about her new "Book of Life reading which gives you insight on your life from one month, up to a year. Please ask about these services and specify which you are interested in as prices vary.


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