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Path to Illumination
Soul Development Program

The true path of Illumination, is becoming the Master Builder of your life, through using the wisdom of the divine, and putting it into actions, manifesting it through your physical world here.  To help you do all of that, I have answers and psychic abilities that can get to you the path that is uniquely fit for your soul.  I am part Nephilim in blood, and angelic in soul. This is why the freemasons were so deeply into the occult, and building. Their architecture was symbolic of what they were doing in life and in spirit. Alas, they only have the "blood", not the soul. This is why they have to use magic to invoke spirit for answers, as those divine truths are not within themselves since they do not have a divine soul for the connection. This is why


In my readings and services, my connections to the Divine will provide answers for you, that will shine the light into places of your life, and yourself, that need fixing. My courses can help you understand the world, the truth behind it, and spirit. In all of this, you will find that you are wiser, and chasing a better path toward becoming the better version of yourself, in a better quality of life. Angels, Spirit guides, they are present in your life and appointed over you in order to guide you into what is right, not from what your will may be, because if you can see, your will, your interests, and your traits were built by the world around you and genetics. The influences in the world today shape who you are, instead of you being the creator of your own soul, through what is called “The Higher Self”. I can find for you, what your higher self wanted out of life. It may be foreign at first, but you will find that once you try, you will find more completion and more happiness than ever before. I can speak more with you, in our services. If you are truly interested in the path of illumination, please let me know in the contact form. And please know, this is a path that is done slowly, at your own pace, over time. There are no expectations, and no judgements here. Only true love, and true light.  The only person you have to please, is the Creator, and yourself. However, I will not lie to you or try to appease you during your pathway. It will not be easy, and it is not for everyone.  Many people claim to be awake, or Illuminated, but in their quality of life, and in their behavior, it is obvious that they are not.


In this, if you are someone seeking this, be ready to shed old beliefs, and strip layers of 3D self, to become great!

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