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Mysterious life can often be a wonderful spinning wheel of events or as dangerous as playing Russian roulette. Welcome to the wheel of chances and fate. This reading will provide insight into:

An seen event that can or cannot be changed due to it being influenced by chance or by fate itself. Can you dodge the bullet? Or do you need to take the shot and deal with consequences? Who or what is aiming at you and why? What will the next string of events bring as a result?

This reading is different from its parent reading called The Wheel of Destiny because it focuses on a specific situation that could prove to be a crucial factor to your life. This reading can be used for a situation that you are already facing and know about, or we can focus on an unseen event that you would like to be more aware of an order to know what to do ahead of time. I like to leave it to the mysteries of life, but you can most certainly ask about any given situation.

This reading is done using a very unique method as well as Channeling.

I ask humbly that you please be sure to fill out the contact form and include details if you are in fact pursuing the reading for an event that is already taking place.

There are no refunds after 48 hours. Please be sure to take a look at my terms and conditions page.

The Wheel of Chances & Fate

  • The reading's time duration varies from each person depending on what is revealed and how much interpretation needs to be added. Generally, it's a multi part service. First, I'll do your "fate cards". Secondly, I'll tell the story of your fate. Thirdly, I'll interpret and explain what your reading revealed in simple terms and add advice. A "Path to the Fates Reading" has been helpful to clients who have done this reading, to see if fate had any other alternative paths that could be taken.

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