About the Services

Alura uses all of abilities to produce results. Sometimes one or two work more so than the others, and at other times, all will work in a melody to guide you in your results. Here, she offers channeling, tarot, energy services, teachings, mentoring, and advising. Please search through the many options that she has here, in order to find one that fits you. Then, head on over to the booking page after deciding and making the purchase. If there is not a payment option, then you may have to email Alura for deeper consultation and pricing. Her readings are the most profound readings and at an affordable price too, for everyone to have the ability to seek answers. She also provides a great level of time in explaining things to educate you in the results as well. Get ready for a real and  epic psychic experience! Your soul is the treasure house of your luxuries going home with you, won't you stock up on those luxuries

Please leave a review for us, and next time you need a service, email us for a nice discount as our way of saying thank you.

Please submits a booking form on the Booking page, after any purchase.