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The name Alura means, "Divine Counselor" and that's exactly what you will find here. As a soul who was born awake and "called", Alura has  also undergone the three stages toward total enlightenment at an early age. She offers the same divine counseling that the heavens provided her,  to anyone who genuinely seeks it.    Come and explore the teachings of the higher realms with some divine counsel, either personal or the free public information that she offers online on the many websites that she offers.

Divine Counselor

Angels and Heavenly beings


Explore the heavens and world prophecies as the messengers delivered them to Alura. There, you can find information on starseeds, angel bios, angel messages, and more. This information is available for those who seeking a relationship with the heavens, to get to know the beings there and connect with them from within

Spiritual Living

Come and stop by the online magazine "Spiritually Awkward". It's a wonderful magazine with spiritual experiences, spiritual living tips, health, recipes, reviews, and more. The magazine covers living virtuously, parenting, life advice, and motivation. We're even taking submissions for others who are interested in writing for the magazine.


Public Teachings 

If you want to learn and check out the teachings for free, come to the online site for some of the foundation of what Alura teaches. This is not the extent of her knowledge, and it only scratches the surface but it will give you an idea of where she is going with things so that if you can read into what she is saying deeper and you 6want to learn more, then maybe the online classroom could be  the next step for you.

Divinity Classroom


Go deeper into truth and learn what it takes to truly become enlightened. First you will truly awaken and the you will be taught what you need to go through and master the three stages of enlightenment. t is a life altering journey and one that takes time but with help and truth, you can free yourself from the limitations of the human perspective and into the illumination of Metatron, the angel who teaches to get beyond the boundaries of 3D existence  and to ascend upward into the higher planes.

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