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Healing, reiki, protection, aura and chakras

Protection & Healing

It's a harsh world out there, and the spiritual world is even worse.

It is very important to care for your spiritual health, because it links into your physical, mental, and emotional health too. The energies of this world are draining and toxic, Why not help yourself through our services, or even upgrade yourself a bit spiritually too?

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Clearing Services

Whether it is Dark Energy, Spiritual Attachments, holes in your aura or self inflicted negative energy, Alura can remove it.  We have a wide variety of clearing services, all of unique method for each specific ailment, that works for you individually.

Holding Hands

Protection Grids and Cages

With the world as it is, energy is everywhere. It crisscrosses in the air all around us and we walk through it every day. Wifi, cellphone tower signals, electricity, spirits in the air, heavy solar energy, dark consciousness, negative thought forms from other people... It will wear your aura down, and then over time enter your chakras, and then your physical health. Protection can help after a clearing, to keep you from being affected. We have several protection services that last from 6 months up to two years. Ask about them, and feel better.

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Health and Healing Services

Is your skin acting up? Your hair not growing or are you starting to lose it? Are you ill with a weak immune system? Try a Cellular Rejuvenation! Or, perhaps you have some kind of disease or illness and simply want it to heal already? We have healing that can help.  

Soft Skin

Reiki Services

For optimal health reiki is a great way to keep your health going. I offer traditional reiki and a special kind of angelic reiki, that both can provide traits, and tools spiritually that you can use for a better spiritual experience as well as health.


Spiritual Upgrades

In this world, many are lowering their vibrations rather than raising them. Having an upgrade can make life here easier, better. It can also connect you to the spiritual planes and higher knowledge too, knowing how to use it. We offer Kundalini Activation, DNA Activation and Spirit Body Upgrade. Spirit Body upgrade is where your aura is provided a boost in it's vibration that can later cycle through your chakras and give to you a higher vibratory existence. These services are good if you are having trouble ascending on your own or if you have difficulty in activating DNA or kundalini.


In person appoinments

Do you live in the tri-state area of PA, NJ, and NY? Do you need a clearing or healing? We offer all of the above services for in house appointments here or at your home. We also have hands on healing, trigger point healing, and sensual healing services. We also do  exorcisms and home cleansings in person too.

Summer House

Spirit Removal

There are all kinds of spirits that cause problems. Generational spirits, demons, astral entities, parasitic attachments, jinn, nightmare spirits, incubus/succubus, shadow beings, and even deceased loved ones who can not move on etc. They can cause havoc in your life, leaving you feeling dread, hopeless, and suffering from bad luck in family, love, financial issues, self esteem or total isolation. They can make you hear noises, suffer from paranoia, feel ill all of the time, or make your life feel like it is on constant repeat. They can also cause drains, changes in behavior or personality and there are hundreds of ways that they can come to afflict you. You want to have them them expelled.


Soul Contract Change

Has your destiny been disturbed and you are way off track with your life purpose due to having taken another course and it being too late to start over now? Think about having your spiritual contract changed and stop racking up karma and find a new purpose to go by legitimately instead of doing what your earthly self wants, and feeling lost and incomplete.


How to get services

To obtain a service, please fill out the contact form on the Booking page. Tell us what's happening, and through email consultation we will suggest the next move. Prices vary and a reading may be needed prior to specify which service is appropriate more, in some cases.

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