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Perfect for those with a haunting, demonic and/or poltergeist activity, strong electromagnetic currents, negative relatives, or those sensitive to spiritual and energetic interference.

Protect your home and those in it with a full size protection grid! This grid is similar to the personal grids (Archangel Michael grid; Metatron Grid etc) that I perform on individuals needing a shield against the evils of the world spiritually and energetically. However, this grid is bigger and covers inside along the walls inside throughout your whole home. It lasts for one year and guards you from attacks or spiritual attachments while inside. A personal grid is recommended too, for when you leave the house if you are someone who works outside of the home, attends school, or leaves the house daily for more than a few hours or so.

An atmospheric cleanse is highly recommended to remove whatever is inside your home before putting up the protection.

(If getting this and a personal grid both, an atmospheric cleanse and personal spirit cleanse will be needed. In that case, see the full deluxe spirit body cleanse service to save money since both a clearing for you and your home are included in that service).

This services helps:

1. Guard against evil spirits

2. Filters out negative energy and thought forms

3. Makes bad people reluctant to enter

4. Filters out harmful electromagnetic energies

5. Gets rid of nightmares

6. Guards against shadow beings, parasitic entities, astral entities, and demons.

7. Protects against psychic attacks or spies

8. Helps add positivity

9. Makes atmosphere feel calm and safe

Home & Armosphere Protection Grid

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$850.00Sale Price
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