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Soul Development

Soul Development Program

Welcome. The site contains many individual services that you can benefit from. However, those who seek soul development, or Illumination, are those who have worked the site as it was meant to be. In steps. In a program. Below,  I want to describe how to work this site and it's services, for those who are really seriously seeking. First step, to the last. If you want to awaken to some degree, this program is what will work for you.

Beginning Energy Work and General Reading- To start, A general reading to see what is going on with you at this time, should be performed. This way we can see where you are, and what needs to be cleared as well.  Suggestions will be made on areas of your life, to enhance this experience, before we begin. Then a clearing is recommended.  We are working in spiritual energy. I am extremely sensitive. As a result, any negative energy (and there is a lot in this world), that could be attached to you, will be unhealthy for you, your family, and for me, who is working with you. A clearing is suggested for everyone's welfare and health. Any curses, psychic energy, negativity, or attachments that you may have, will be removed in that session.

Soul Readings or Akasha One- The Soul Reading is usually the first step. learning where you came from, the start of your journey and past lives can help you realize so much about yourself. Visualizing the details can help you to remember. Knowing this can help you to appreciate yourself again, and to see who really lies within that physical body that you are living in.  Akasha One tells you the soul origin, as well as any other journeys that you may have had along the way, that have added to your soul. Each soul is unique based on their origin or  many journeys. Many try to imply that you may only have but one origin. Not true. Who would believe that in an infinite Universe, with an eternal soul, that your soul has only ever had one experience other than earth? It may have. But if you find you have  had more, it is not a surprise. Some who are earthbound souls, they may have been created here.

Akasha Part Two or Past Life Work- Knowing who you were in your past while on Earth, shows you what you have done, where you have been, and what became a part of your consciousness  though out the journey. What have you achieved in a big way? Were there epic loves? Adventure? Where do your interests come? How does this apply to you today?  Who have you become? Who were you supposed to be? How can you see yourself in those lives? This is the story of your journey and full of visualizations that you can grow from. There is a 20% discount for anyone working the program, with this service.

Soul Contract -  After discovering all of that, it is good to then know what your lessons are, in this life. Ones that you newly made, or that carried over from the past lifetimes. Karmic lessons hold you back in the reincarnation process. What lessons do you have to achieve, in order to move forward? How can we get you onto the right path again?

Life Purpose and Life Path- After your contract is discovered, you will need to know why you are even here? What bigger role is in store for you? This will be what you have to fulfill, in order to move on from here. The Purpose is, the choice you made as a greater decision. The path is the road you are walking in your fate, to get there, or not. What were you destined to do? How can your life be financially, mentally, emotionally,  and spiritually perfect, for who you are? Happiness and completion.

Spirit Team Work- Once you have everything on who you were, what you have been through, and what you are to focus on now, it is time to embrace the guidance. People should work in the stages of understanding first though. Each spirit is on another level of understanding. Spirit Guides are closest. They know you and the world, as they are only one layer away, in spiritual realms. Messages from Angels who are above this world, will be next in line for higher wisdom and advice. What love and kindness can they offer to you at this time, to motivate or support you? There is no extent to this work, as they will all work with you as you go in life. Monthly readings should be obtained for support and advice.

Layers of your consciousness- Knowing who you were, and a bit of who you are now, helps in growing. But exploring the many layers of who you are, will give you deeper insight into you. Shadow self reveals the hidden "you", needing to be changed, things that go against you. Then... Higher Self. What is the true divine you like? How would they see things? Cosmic Consciousness, is also a place in your cosmic layer. What are your personality traits, and ways of looking at things from a cosmic view descending to earthly perception? The tools needed for this reality? Or the Blueprints can give all of that to you at once. Going into the "Tree of Life" reading can help you figure out where all of your layers come together, and the  your level of understanding.

Confliction-  Now, by this point, we should be looking into how this world affects you. What issues do the powers in the atmosphere bring? "Grid Energies",  is a good  reading that will explain this.

Heavy Energy Work: At this stage, we should be preparing to clear out any of the issues you may have, to make the rest of the journey much better. Karma is awful to carry around, and your chakras will need to be cleansed. Your soul ties should also be removed, because they stream energy from you, to the people you are connected to, and then from them, to those they are connected to. It all effects you. Nadis, and the layers of your aura, also need to be healed to strengthen your light body for the upgrade in the future. Individual work, or a package called "The Works" will help aid you in removing soul ties, cleansing energy in your aura, and balancing your chakras. Packages for Karma Clearing are available separately. A grid of protection will help filter out any more negative energy or attacks, from coming in, they last from 3 months to a year, depending on your energy..

Coaching and Courses- Now, it would time to obtain life coaching for you. Advice on your specific soul type. on how to make life better here. At the same time, you can fill your space in the week with starting with the higher self course. This helps you to understand higher self energy, and embrace it. After life coaching and higher self course, Truthology would be the next form of extreme wisdom to bring in.  Life coaching is best at 16 weeks. Many opt for the longest life coaching though, for more time, to take their time.

DNA Deprogram and Activation- While in Truthology, you should begin having negative qualities and embedded earthly energies deprogrammed out of the DNA. Then we go on to upgrade it.  This way it is successful, you can understand what is happening to you as a result of the course, and ease into the transition of upgrading your light body. 

Ending Services- A progress in ascension reading should be completed to see how we did. I would also suggest the "Great Figure of Destiny" tarot reading, or the Future Akasha, to find out where you will be in the future to come.

Follow up:

To follow up after all of that, a reading from your spirit guides, should be done once, every 2 months.  A clearing to cleanse the outside of your grid, should come every 3-6 months, to make sure nothing is lurking to attack, once the grid wears off. And by this point, , you should be where you wanted to be in your spiritual journey. Once your spiritual/psychic gifts come in, you may need some insight or training in that, if you wish. I also have services for that as well. However, you will feel like a new person, and that was the goal! Perhaps you are able to do your own insight and communication with your guides. If not, do not feel like you failed! Even those in the  elite and secret societies have their masters, and not everyone has powers. As long as you have become awakened, wiser, and are living a better life of your complete happiness, then you made it. Always remember that this will be hard, it takes honesty and pure motivation. Sometimes we have to break you down, to build you back up. This is not a path for the weak. But I will be here to make it as gentle and easy as I can for you, as I will grow to care for you deeply, I am sure. Please also, respect me. You do not have to listen to my every word, I am not your boss, I am your master guide. Since your guides are working through me, I am leading this. Therefore, sometimes, I may add advice against theirs that i feel is better or easier for you. 

Other fun, but serious readings and services, are also available on my site, to explore other areas of your life, people in it, and more, if you want something to do in between time, or later on. Good Luck!

This program and all of the services, courses,  readings and healings within it, have a total value of $4000. If you wish to simply pay upfront, the link is below. I do ask that you repsect that this is to be done with a service each week, but the Akasha work takes me a few weeks at a time for those.  The button below has modified choices to meet your exspense needs, according to the course, and what you can do.  I suggest to go with the whole path, but we can do this in any of the other ways and tweak it to meet your needs.  However, if you need to do one at a time too, we can work it that way, but you will have to buy according to the steps on the site. looking forward to assisting you in this journey. Thank you.

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