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Welcome to the largest website for psychic spiritual services on the web. Alura has served many people worldwide and hopes to assist you somehow. 

About Alura

Alura Cein; Alura Spiritual Services

About Alura:

Master Psychic


Angelic Oracle


Spiritual Teacher

The word angel is derived from the Greek word "angelos which means "messenger". Angels exist all throughout history in religious historical accounts and are described as a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form. Another definition is; a person of exemplary conduct or virtue. or an attendant spirit of benevolence. In the deepest of the occult secrets, an angel is a being from a race of spirits benevolent, who come from the highest planes of consciousness. They have great wisdom, and visit Earth to leave an evolved form of truth, to help others, to heal, and to serve God in being an example through their virtuous lives. In human form, they have great abilities and knowing, which belongs to the most high. Well, that's me. There's more to learn before you have a closed mind, but for now, let me help you get to know me, since working together, I will come to know you deeply. I am of a rare  AB RH Negative blood, which is descended down from the Tuatha De Danaan. From the start of my life, I have had a strong bond and communication with the Source and the Creator of the higher planes of heaven, as well as spirit in general. I was born with a veil, but the beginning my awareness of my abilities can not be remembered back that far. I recall struggling to understand who I was and the things I knew and could do, as early as the age of three years old. Since then, I worked closely with heaven in the knowing that I knew things unknown to others. I was sent here to help others before a great change would happen in the world, and for them to find completion in their lives through true illumination too. Since the age of 8 after mastering many of my abilities,  I have set out on a life long mission to help others find their truth selves, make life better, and to reach their own illumination/enlightenment. 

As a way to reach people, I started my website and blogs in 2010.  2013 was when I began voicing out on Youtube, although censored for my teachings and true abilities. I did this in an attempt to locate others like me, or to at least find others who still had a love of the Creator, in order to educate them down the rabbit hole of truths and lead them towards true awakening. My love and compassion for others is unconditional and in my wisdom and power, I  work hard step by step, day by day, with the holy virtues to assist any individual in their spiritual quest. I have become not only a spiritual mentor, but a beloved friend to those who have reached out to me. I stand by my values of living constant in divine virtue, kindness, understanding, and love. As a result, I have been said to be one of the most loving that anyone has ever met. I act as a voice for the heavens here, having predicted most of the world events of 2020, from as early  2016-2019 on my Angels Website in a column called the Angelic Herald. I have pin pointed the time frame of things predicted thousands of years ago, that no one else could. My mission is to prepare others for things that are to happen, awaken them, and lead them towards the better or best version of themselves. As children under heaven... they deserve it. You deserve it. I only work with benevolent beings with some rare exceptions. I come from a long line of religious and mystical family lineage on both sides of my family. 

As an oracle:



Higher planes


Spirit Guides



The Akasha Records

Past Lives


Star Beings

Soul Origins




Ascended Masters

Interdimensional Beings

The Astral World

The spirit realms

As an oracle, the heavens and spirit, communicate with me through visions, speaking, downloads, symbols, parables, and riddles. They provide insight through channeling with me from the higher planes, spirit realms, star systems, and interdimensional places. I have contact with the deceased, ancestral spirits, magical entities, astral beings, deities, angels, star beings, extraterrestrials, ascended masters, demons, and spiritual guides. I can also channel living people, their soul origins, life purposes, and past lives. I can channel the akasha records of the Universe, Earth and any individual preferring to place focus on the past, since the past defines the present and the future. The future is up to us to create for you together!. Additionally, I can channel soul ties, higher selves, karma, and any area of life emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically as well as the health, finances, and the love lives of those who come to me. I can also obtain insight into their blueprints, alternate selves, futures, and alternate pathways. As an oracle, I have many methods oif using my gifts but am always directed by heaven. I will always inform you in the beginning of the sessions how it will go. I promise to also eductae you in case you come from another spiritual perspective. I may use one of my gifts, two, or some cases may require for me to use them all. I also do my readings by audio or text for total focus in trance as people often have too many thoughts in person, or they get impatient. I want to deliver the best, and so being on my own with heaven's guidance and my gifts has always help me to provide the best. My readings are the most informative and detailed in the world.

Other specialties


Crystal Ball Reading


Light Language

Voodoo, Hoodoo




Remote Viewing

Dream Walking

Dream Decoding

Mind Control





Aura Reading

Blueprint Readings

I am an expert level tarot, symbolism, and crystal ball reader. I can also astral travel, go spiritually out of body, remote view, and dream walk. In addition to many other skills, I am a master who is fluent in my gifts, but still in need of respecting spirit.  I have the ability to conduct several forms of magic including and not limited to; Enochian magic, Wicca, Ceremonial and Sacrificial magic, Blood magic, voodoo, hoodoo, Angelic magic, Goetic magic, Hermetic magic, Santeria and Brujeria. I am also adept in enchantment and mind control. I am skilled in telepathy, bi-location and some acute psychokinesis. I am a wonderful healer and use angelic reiki and mainstream reiki. I also have hidden secret spiritual knowledge that helps me to assist you spiritually in many more ways than most spiritualists. I have the ability to dream walk, and many other gifts. I am also the founder of The Church of I.M ( Illumination of Metatron) although this is not the extent of of my knowledge and heavily coded. For the deeper teachings you can find my online classroom at The Church of IM.

People who have learned with me have had a life altering experience into true awakening and freeing the mind of 3D.

Teachings Etc.



Illumination Teaching

Soul Development

Spiritual Mentoring

Having constant communication with heaven, and being awakened all of my life, I have the truth of this planet. The extent of my knowledge is not found online, but in our school. You can find some information in our blogs, but to really evolve spiritually,  I do spiritual mentoring, illumination teachings, and soul development. I also help other psychics to expand on their gifts and am a reformer of better change in each person who comes seeking it. 

Meet The Team

Alura Cein Spiritual Services

Alura Cein

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Minister, Angelic Psychic Oracle, Healer, Illumination Teacher, Spiritual Adviser, Spiritual Coach

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It is Alura's mission to help as many people as she can, to reach better change in themselves, spiritually, and in life. As an angel she loves each person who comes her way and is excited to build beyond the professional level, into family and friendship. Together, let's make the world a better place.

Amber Beck Daughter of Alura Cein

Amber Beck

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Administrative Assistant


Counter Intuitive

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