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Astrology, birth charts,

Astrology Selections

The design of your Earthly path.

There are over 80 different branches of astrological method.   Alura can produce information from all types of astrology, and from a mystical and unique method of her own. She can also perform a large variety of readings based on many techniques . Please review this page and it's selections to discover what Alura has to offer. 

Types of Astrology performed by Alura:

angelic astrology

Western Astrology

This is the most commonly known type of astrology using the twelve zodiacs and how events surround your birth.

Chinese Astrology

A look at the astrological signs by years instead of months and represented by animals for each astrological sign. Events and personalities are determined through a person's birth sign and how it cycles through the system.

Solar Arc, Transits, Secondary Progressions

Western astrology determines  transits of the sun and planets through time and the changes it has on a person's life during them.

Electional Astrology, Horoscopes,

Electional astrology is performed by using pre-selected time and dates for planning events or insight on what to expect in the time and dates ahead through a horoscope.

Lunar Energy

A look at how the moon strengthens or weakens a person, how it shapes their personality, fears, and dreams.

Vedic Astrology

Use of the positions of the planets and bodies  as observed in the sky. the use of a sidereal zodiac rather than fixed.

Angelic Astrology

A true mystical form of astrology since no one else knows this method. Birth charts and horoscopes are developed by using a few different angles of the celestial bodies from at the time and date of the person's birth. **6

Birth charts, Compatibility

Complete reports of a person's traits, strengths, and struggles based upon their date of birth., and who they may be compatible with or not. These charts are great at determining whether a marriage or relationship will work out well, and its weaknesses and strength%s.

Cosmic Consciousness

A type of report based upon the celestial bodies and how they effect a person's consciousness or shape it.3

astrology, birth charts
capricorn, astrology, birth charts,
Alura Cein Astrology
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