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There are certain times throughout the week, month, and year where you will find that your health changes. It involves the mind, body, and spirit. Perhaps maybe there are certain times of the month where you find that you feel extreme anxiety, irritability and have very negative thoughts. Perhaps maybe there are different times of the month or year where you feel extremely fatigued, and out of energy. Or maybe you feel restless? The stars play a pivotal role in a persons well-being and in all bodies of the person’s existence. This includes their mind, their emotions, their spiritual chi, and the physical body itself. Are there different times throughout the changing seasons where you’ll be healthier and times where you’ll feel your worst? Will there be illnesses that are to be expected? Or will there be pain felt in certain areas because of the planets and stars?

This reading provides you with two reports. The first report is on your overall state of health based on astrology. The second report provides information on what your health may experience in the future, during very specific times of the shifting celestial bodies.

The fee for this reading covers the two reports and time taken to work with techniques and methods that are used to discover the information astrologically. If you wish to receive your report by an audio rather than text format, please take a look at the product choices or a selections below.

Please be reminded that there are no refunds after 48 hours of your purchase. Readings may have been started as some of them are done in segments throughout time.

Readings can possibly take up to six weeks for delivery.

Health Astrology

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