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Welcome! This is our magical spell page, full of services to bring about any intention or need. Alura uses a form of magic taught by the heavens preferably as it is safer, stronger, and more guaranteed. But she is skilled in all forms of magic and can work with you to find the right method for your needs. Take a look below!

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About Magic and Selections

Magic and Energy Work, has been performed since the dawn of time. Ancient Semetic Tribes, The Celtics, The Druids, The Greeks,  The Egyptians, Ancient Christianity, and even Ancient Judaism. That's right! Magic and ritual has been performed since the beginning of time, and has had many alterations over time. Today, New Agers, Kabbalahists, Scientology, and many more, take part in magical practices. Prayer itself,  is "ritualistic" and asking for an intention or need, is a form of energy work truly. Here, I work with quite a few forms of magic, mainly High Angelic Magic. High Angelic Magic, can assist you in altering many events, and situations in your life as well as, helping you to manifest something that you long for, or need. It is important to first understand how this works, and what your risks are. Take a look at my services list for more info, and my list of available spells.

Some of our spell candles

Want A Spell  For Home?

Purchase a lovely homemade, Spell Candle for yourself or someone you love, to add a little magic to life!

Custom Candel Spells

ILove? Attraction? Angelic ENergy? We have many Candles blessed and enchanted for your magical and spiritual needs.


 Basic Spells last up to 4-6 weeks, with a rituals they last up to 2 months...Most spells are proven to work and are authentic. If for any reason they do not work such as, strong religious ties, previous protection from energy not their own, this means the person has a block up and I can not refund the fee as it is dontaed to charity.  Please note that I will not take any requests to perform spells that cause harm to any living thing. My spells are strictly for good. If you need a revenge spell, I can do that, but in a way that will teach the person a lesson, not harm them. I also want to add that many of these spells are to enhance  attracting, however any outrageous requests will more than likely not be guaranteed. Please take your time to review what you want to come to you, and then make your selection with a realistic goal.

Please note that although the spell you order from this page will be cast instantly after your request, there is still a 3-7 day incubation time in order for results to be visible, unless the individual is very weak in character it may work sooner. All results vary based on the  mental, emotional, and religious background on the intendee. I recommend getting a reading on the person to see if the spell is  ensured success. I also have Candle Spells, Rituals, and White Light Energy Spells for all of the types listed above. If you prefer one of those, include it in your information. Thank You!

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