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Candle spells are a strong way to manifest a desire that you have through the use of candles that are magically charged for your wish specifically. We make our own 100% natural soy candles and then they are spelled through a series of ritual steps. After the spell is ready, it is watched to observe how spirit interacts with the candle, letting us know how things are going to go with the result. All candle spells are under this option and all we need from you, is to know what you want your spell for and pics of anyone involved. Purchase the spell and then contact us, choosing from the below options;
1. Find love
2. Attract a former lover
3. Fertility
4. Beauty
5. Weight loss
6. Banish an enemy
7. Banish negativity 
8. Increase passion
9. Temporary Protection
10. Increase finances
11. Good luck
12. Career Spell
13. Pass a test
14. Block gossip
15. Change someone’s mind
16. Get that job!
17. Passion
18. Hair growth
19. Increase opportunity or chance

Our refund policy is 48 hrs after your purchase only. If you have already received your service you are not eligible for a refund as your service has already been conducted & rendered to you. Thank you!

Candle Spells

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