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The heavens welcome you...

Grow, heal, and ascend... with the wisdom of the angelic host.

Divinity. The definition reveals that it is that which is pure, holy, and true. It means that any being of divine nature is one that loves unconditionally,  gives endlessly, and lives righteously through the virtues. It is the fact that they have perfection, in learning they have become all knowing and wise, and their wisdom keeps them from mistakes. Humans live by ego which is made of vanity, selfishness, insecurities, and will repeat mistakes because in ignorance...they either do not learn or they do not care about consequences after they have learned. Divine beings are everything that is good, knowing all that is bad, and in their extreme loving nature, they use their wisdom to help others to change, and to teach others to live as they truly  deserve... truly happy. Those from heaven feel the pain of human suffering, and they want everyone to at least find some relief on a happier, healthier path until they can at least reach paradise in heaven later after' life.

Welcome to the Angelic Archives, where the divine messengers will guide you, heal you, support you, and love you like no other in the entirety of their being which is full of the records of the Universe and every place in it. In the archives of the angel's wisdom, it is  there that truth can be found and used for the evolution of the soul or to fix a few problems in life.

white angel wings alura cein

You are loved...

Every human who has lived on Earth, has been influenced by the environmental factors that were socially conditioned upon them. They go through life trying this or that, loving one person to the next, but yet lifetime after lifetime, they had all experienced  similar feelings. The feelings that they experienced were like there had to be something more, and to know what that "more" was to connect to it. They felt incomplete like something was missing, and unfulfilled. One may ask; "How can that be"? In life there are many jobs, you come across different lovers, see different places, and life is never short of theatre. It is full of comedy, drama, action, and even horror. So how could people still feel so empty? Every person has come to a time where they felt that there was more to life.

What people are missing are their true selves without the influences of the world around them helping them to be the character that they are playing in this lifetime. They are missing their purpose in life, and a connection to that something "more" that they feel is there but can not find. That "more" is heaven and truth. Here, I offer communications with my kin the angels, to help people to find simple answers, or extremely deep ones. The Angelic Archives can help anyone in a small everyday problem, or help them to shed the layers of this world to find themselves and purpose, altering life forever. It is up to the seeker how deep they wish to go, or if they feel that they are truly ready. Check out the services and their descriptions and decide on what service you feel is best for you. Trust in the angels who know you better than you even know yourself at times. Their love, acceptance, and wisdom will nurture you while waking the mind, and nourishing the soul.

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