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This reading is for advanced awakened students who have done shadow work already but found difficulty in change in some things. Those struggles don’t have to be burdens. Rather, the heavens say that a balanced universe can blend the polarities. This is for students who are ready to take the shadow traits within themselves that may have been hard to change, and gain insight from the angel of Shadow work himself, Araphel, to learn how to use the shadows for good. A shadow self reading or Soul Audit will be necessary first in order to move forward with this reading. It’s a “part two” to soul auditing or High angelic architectural accessment because one reading reveals shadow self to the deepest and this one helps you to find balance in the shadows that may always be there. Anything can be turned into light, you just need to be shown how. If you did part one already, this is your next step in soul development!

Shadows of Araphel

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