The start of your new life!

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We offer spiritual mentoring that can change your perspective, your outlook and as a result, your entire life! Whatever your issue, Alura has a spiritual way of coping with it and helping you to better yourself as well as awaken at the same time.

Spiritual Motivation & Mentoring

Alura's Concept

Its not easy to go about your journey in any aspect of it, alone. Professional therapists are costly, or they diagnosis you with an illness simply to give medicine that has tons of side effects, in an attempt to keep you coming back in order to milk you or your insurance company for money. And they never help. Everyone needs the right answers, the right guidance, and the right support to make it. Whether it is through emotional, or mental needs, or you need some help in addictions, relationships, parenting, your psychic abilities, awakening, or just plain out encouragement... Alura offers it and in a convenient, affordable way.


How it works

Many people have withdrawn r they are too busy, that they do not keep appointments, nor do they remember them.Instead, they forget or cancel, never to pursue what they needed to. This is in many areas of life like keeping plans to visit someone, attend an event, complete a project or make it to the doctors. Alura knows what people are going through these days, and so her mentoring is especially designed so that nothing is inconvenient to you. We can't tell you how its done until you enroll, but rest assured that this is something that you will stick with and highly benefit from. She offers a variety of mentoring packages, to match your needs, and to focus on your intention and goal.  First find which option for mentoring is best for you. Each selection has a different amount of time fit for the category. If you need a second round of mentoring, it will be suggested before the end of the first mentoring  fully ends in order to merge on into the next. Work the program and it will work for you!