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Our most high heavenly messengers with the Lord of Hosts present to you, this very special but important spiritual session. Many teachers do not disclose that the spiritual journey actually happens in quite a few different stages. Instead, many seekers out there are handed information and misguided, or they have to find answers on their own. This results in great confusion and makes the seeker directionless. This causes them to fail in achieving their goal of spiritual enlightenment. To be honest with you, that’s exactly the overall agenda of most of the mainstream teachers out there. The powers of this world do not want anyone to learn what they know or learn beyond it because then, it makes whom they refer to as “the little people”  equal to them and thus…less controllable.  Yet they won’t fail to provide illusions and deception.  The illusions lead the seekers who are trying to get their hands on power and truth, to feed thousands of their dollars into the spiritual franchise.  But alas, empty promises and deception are found instead. Many of the seekers will still lie to themselves and say that they’ve made it. They go on to throw around false claims, for the sake of being viewed by others as “enlightened”. As Solomon would say; “What vanity”! When it comes to a true spiritual teacher, the stages of the seeker’s spiritual journey are fully explained while guiding them properly into the right directions with love,and truth.  
At the onset of each stage in their spiritual journey, it is crucial that each student who is truly seeking to reach their own level of illumination as designated by their higher self, that they have an assessment performed when reaching the next stage itself. In obtaining the assessment, this helps them to see what they need to see. It brings them to the realization that who they have been, isn’t really who they are. It leads them onto the right path to find their true spiritual self, the “God-like” self. They truly change and discover great wisdom. Without their soul’s information, they are limited. Lets face it, they are confined to be like everyone else out there in the spiritual trend who talk a good spiritual talk, but don’t walk a good walk. It’s all about face value & the ego at that point.  They live according to the material world around them and the trends in it, and never grow into the true illuminated state. Becoming illuminated is about more than just being positive or knowing a lot of mystical stuff. Anything can be found in books. But then again, those books which are given the greenlight to be distributed throughout the public, are being okayed by the same powers that are holding people back. If the book is available to the public, it usually means that they find the book to be non-threatening to their agenda. 
True illumination is not just knowing what’s out there, but knowing what’s beyond out there. It’s knowing everything that the world doesn’t want you to know, and seeing past the illusions in all things. It’s about becoming transcended. Ascension means rising above. The path of the illumination includes the need to transcend, which leads the seeker/ spiritual student into ascension above and beyond the third dimensional plane in which they are on. Let’s face it, no one can go to the next level, if they haven’t mastered the one that they’re on. If they maintain a human perspective and nature, then they cannot leave the origin of where it comes from. The origin being, the world that it is a product of. They have to rise above that too. In order to do that, learning truth and rising thru the stages of illumination are required. Every seeker needs a spiritual assessment and a lot of dedication. Otherwise, the student won’t know what to work on uniquely. 

There aren’t a lot of readers out there who have access to the information within a person’s soul that could do such an assessment, in order to lead the seeker toward the path of true illumination and real transcendence. Such information is found only in the deepest areas of the person’s spiritual blueprint and in the folds of their journey.  Both are of a very sacred space and require for someone of a divine background and existence, to be able to obtain access there. It’s a privilege that’s only given to the purest of beings. Heaven knows human flaws and imperfections & that they have the ability to use such information in wrong ways that could do more harm than good, or to use it against a person instead. Naturally some humans can be very judgmental and hearing something so deep about a person, they would automatically look at it in the wrong perspective, a view that they are taught to see with by the world around them. 
Believe me, the things that are found within the depths of the chambers of a person's heart, mind, and soul, are sometimes very dark and can be quite devastating.. A judgemental human being without Heavenly understanding would never be able to process such things. Many would fail to have unconditional love, and develop a negative opinion about the person based on the flaws and imperfections discovered. It is not trustworthy in the eyes of heaven. Therefore, only other heavenly beings could perform such an assessment through another heavenly being who represents them on earth in their own illumination, and righteous conduct. The life of that heavenly being would have to be true to what they preach and be the epitome of divine virtue and love. I truly hope this all makes sense. 
Each assessment needed, is given at a different level of intensity because of the timing in the student’s journey and the things that happen or are needed according to the stage that they have come to. They have to be completely ready. If they aren’t really ready, they may take the truth that they’ve discovered about themselves in their assessment, and look at things in an unhealthy way. This is why the information also needs to be delivered by someone of a heavenly nature as well, so that it’s gentle and the student is provided the right explanation. It gets harder as they go.
The first assessment should be given at the beginning of the spiritual journey. It gives them a good foundation amongst so many other things. The information expands and deepens when going into the next two assessments as the seeker reaches the next two stages. It is not a path for everyone and the truth is sometimes hard to handle. But those who are dedicated and ready, can reach great heights in their path toward illumination. The change and wisdom will  lead them to a place where they have risen above duality, and the ugliness of the world around them. They can live the rest of their lives in a state of pure happiness with great heavenly knowledge. They will be able to go on to the next plane of existence afterwards because they will have mastered the things required to transcend above human consciousness and above the perception embedded into their consciousness through means of the world and it’s ways. Each assessment is conducted in many areas of the soul including it’s blueprints, and the student’s journey throughout time so far. It is broken up into many individual sessions that last each for 60 minutes long than combined and blended in one result audio. Get yours, for where you’re at now spiritually. 

High Angelic Architectural Assessment

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