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Dream Recall
Career advancement or finding
Break up a relationship
Discover the truth
Heighten Romance
Good luck
Remove Debt
Remove Shyness
Weight loss
Pass an Exam/Semester/Grade
Mind Control
Fulfill a wish
Banishing something unwanted
Curse removal
Punish Enemies
Silence a Tongue (gossip)
And more! Ask after purchase. I can do it all!

Angelic Magic is a form of magic that is performed that contains the need to include higher spiritual authorities and then manipulating reality in the  past,present, and future so that your need comes into manifestation. This is a multi-step ritual needing a ceremony using Angelic codes and light symbols while in a sacred circle made of Angelic sigils or signatures only known celestially. Afterwards, time is channeled to see how we can get slight changes made in the past that effect the present in order to alter any future happenings. That includes influencing any people, places, and events that play into the situation if needed. Please purchase the service and then give us details via the contact form, to get started.

High Angelic Magic Spells

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