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There are many times that people have some thing planned but start on the wrong date. As a result, everything goes wrong. Have you ever heard of planning things according to destiny? This reading helps you to do that. Election or astrology provides you with the right date to move forward with your plans. This could be according to any plan that you think of that is of importance. Perhaps maybe it’s a wedding, a birth by cesarean, purchasing a new car, buying that new house, making that investment… Or starting a new business. Whatever your goal is, line it up with the stars perfectly and get the best out of your success.

Please decide whether you would like your reading by an audio or text format, in the choices. Don’t forget to fill out your form on the booking page and add your date of birth as well as the event that you’re planning. Without the information, I won’t be able to conduct this particular type of reading.

Please remember that there are no refunds after 48 hours of purchase. Readings or sometimes done in segments and could have already been started. Most readings take up to six weeks at the longest, to be delivered into the portal.

Electional Astrology

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