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One year, One report. A full year covered in this one annual report that will reveal all you need to know ahead. All from the eyes of the angels.

There are so many different types of astrology. All of them, wonderful. However there is one technique and method of astrology that is not known to many. Angelic astrology.

It is a very unique, mystical and complicated form of looking at the stars to determine a birth chart or events that are to take place. I am the only person that I know of, that can perform this type of astrology. How can I perform it? I can channel the Celestials from an angle that many do not have here on earth. Humans only have one angle of the stars. We angels have a few.

This technique is very thorough and provides a great deal of insight. This reading will focus on mind, body, and spirit but aims to provide situations and need to know events in the future.

Please choose whether you would like the reading delivered by an audio or text format. There are no refunds after 48 hours. Please be sure to provide your date of birth, time and place of birth on the contact form found on my booking page.

Annual Angelic Astrological Horoscope

$550.00 Regular Price
$412.50Sale Price
  • This report provides one year's astrological coverage of insight regarding your Love life (or search for love), job/career/school, money, emotions, mentality, spiritual life, environment, and home. It will provide info of things that may happen for the good and the worse. It covers any upcoming surprises and luck in the future should there be any. It covers big and small changes in all areas for you so that you'll be equipped to get through the year having prepared by getting this information.

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