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This service is similar to The Works but is far more advanced. It’s  the true definition of a full spiritual cleanse as a deluxe energetic work up. For the very best spiritual care, it is recommended that this service be performed annually, with one or two services of The Works here or there throughout the year. The energies are extremely toxic these days. For those out there reading this that are my students, you should know above all from my teachings that this world is lowering significantly and it’s vibration of consciousness. Everyone’s energy is affected gravely. There are more spiritual attachments, threats of implants, bad spiritual ties, and the ongoing continuing threat of a person’s vibration lowering significantly on a daily basis. Life’s hardships are discouraging enough. You don’t need to feel horrible along with them. In fact, the better your spiritual and physical states of health are, the better you’re able to cope with life and it’s hardships.Everybody needs to have a full spiritual cleanse. 
It’s  complemented by the “Full Deluxe Energetic Evaluation Reading” which should be purchased first or with, this service. The reading itself will tell you a great deal about so many things involved in your spirit body and their condition. Then, the services should be purchased in order to fix any issues that are found in that reading. Nevertheless, with or without the reading, it’s good to have the service at least once a year. It includes just a little bit of everything in order to get your soul back into a good condition or to at least maintain your spirit body. All services rendered in this package are:
1.) Chakra Cleansing
2.) Chakra infusion
3.) Chakra Opening & Rotation
4.) Cleansing of all 8-13 layers of the aura.
5.) Removal of any implants, parasites, and smaller spirit attachments in aura.
6.) General infusion of each aura layer to raise up the vibration. (Like a mini spirit body upgrade).
7.) Flush cleansing of all nadis 
8. Flush cleansing of the three main energetic channels. (Kundalini)
9. Infusion of the kundalini to slightly activate it or raise the vibration to keep it going. 
10.) Mini Subconscious clearing
11.) Detaching of general energetic ties.
12.) Repair of any holes or rips in the aura.
13.) Removal of any implants or clogs in chakras. 
14.) Reiki session to implant symbols that generate small energy upgrades throughout the year until the next time that this service is needed. Lasts up to 3 months before the last service date that following year. (Ex; Bought 7/22/2021, Expires 4/22/2022)
15.) Toriodal flow redirectioning
16.) Patch up of any protection grids there. ( If none, having one can help the service last longer).
17.) Removal of atmospheric energies surrounding you.
18.). Ketheric template infusion to uplift the overall vibration of the spirit body to be open more to the higher self channel.

Full Spirit Cleanse

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