The Isolated Treatment aims to focus on one area of concern at the client’s request. This could include one of the following: 
1. Skin
2. Hair
3. Festering wound
4. New wound
5. Scarring
6. Stretch marks
7. Psoriasis, Eczema, etc
However, the Full body deliverance will target all of those and any illnesses in your cells including cancer! For cancer you will need a few of these sessions, 4-8 depending on what stage your cancer is at. If you’re using this service for cancer please purchase this first session now and fill out the booking form. In the form, add somewhere: *Using for Cancer: Consultation Needed*. I will email  you to go over your details and recommend how many sessions will suffice.

This service is used to rejuvenate your whole body for youthfulness, good health, to prevent illness, energize your physical energy, replenish skin, and fade or nearly remove scarring. It also heals skin conditions.  The cellular rejuvenation also heals cells that are associated with organs and arteries and so if you have heart disease or weakened liver, kidneys or lungs. In It does all of that, in one session!

Cellular Rejuvenation: Full Body Deliverance


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