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Anyone who is truly open to the energy of the angels, will feel this when it’s placed in the atmosphere around them.

Give your self or your loved ones, the gift of heavenly energy for the holidays. 

Energy (made of waves) changes every day. With the harsh negative energies of the world outside, your home should be your inner sanctuary. In every room that you are in, you may notice that the energy or mood changes. These days, it’s hard to keep the atmosphere of your personal sanctuary (home) in a good mood or vibration. Energy from the outside gets in, Spiritual Interferences slip through, and the bad moods and thoughts of those that live in your home, all together fill in the space with a big cloud of negativity. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. I have been experimenting with replicating angelic energy through energetic blueprinting. This basically allows me to create a copy of one of your favorite angel’s energetic blueprint to construct a cloud of energy as close to it, as I can get. By infusing a room that you spend the most time in with it, I can now make it so that you can maintain that warm, loving protective angelic vibe in your home for positivity, love, warmth, and protection.

Due to your living space being larger in size, the infusion and protection lasts for six months. So far, I can only replicate my own energy and the essence of archangels Chamuel and Jophiel.

1. Effects of the infusion:

2. Better thinking

3. Better communication between those in room

4. Protection

5. Trigger a Positive attitude

6. Improved health

7. Add A feeling of love, peace, and clarity

8. Inspire Calm actions and demeanor

9. Bring a Renewed self esteem

10. Increase Motivation

11. Inspire Day dreaming more frequently

12. Bring Induced feelings of happiness.

13. Reduce anxiety

14. Reduce irritability

15. Reduce anger

16. Increase memory, inner serenity

It feels like having the angel there visiting with you! Family life is improved and it changes the atmosphere to feel completely mystical and brings you into a totally different vibe and mindset. What a wonderful way to get used to the love and warmth of the heavens and to bring virtue and fantasy both into your home. I do this service for my family every six months especially when times are hard. Its great to keep your little ones and animals calm too!

I need a recent photo of the room you will be requesting me to perform the service on. This a larger energy service and takes two sessions, one to create a blueprint and two to infuse your space.

Angelic Energy Infusion and Grid

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