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That’s right! They are finally available after all this time… Pre-recorded video sessions! We’re starting out slowly, but with this service you can receive anywhere from a combination reading including tarot and channeling, Spirit Choice,  a large channeling including six questions that you have, or a lengthy channeling of your choice of spirit.  

Spirit will decide the duration through how much information is received from them, and just how long it takes for me to reveal it as well as provide my own insight on top of it. 
Use this time to get an answer to questions that you have, or just let spirit guide the session on a general flow. Don’t forget to fill out our Booking form and let us know your questions. 
The video will be sent to your client portal, or Uploaded to my YouTube under a private and unlisted link.

Our refund policy is 48 hrs after your purchase only. If you have already received your service you are not eligible for a refund as your service has already been conducted & rendered to you. Thank you!

Mini Vidi Session: With Alura

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