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There’s nothing sweeter thantge love of a little child. It’s heavenly because of the innocence. It’s pure like the love of heaven. And so,this sweet smelling perfume bears the name of my son. This juicy fragrance is complete with sweet notes that could attract butterflies. More so, it attracts hugs, and more love as it acts as an aphrodisiac but leaves you smelling deliciously. Aside from my first main perfume, I love this one and truly out did myself. I’m proud of this creation as it’s the perfect blend which resembles my all time favorite smell in the fragrance departments but I feel exceeds any that I’ve come across. I wear it all day long. Love is in the air whether leaving loved ones with that signature  remembrance scent or attracting love and affection. I know my babies love it and it’ll inspire memories in the smells that are in the air, of times shared with me when they’re older.  Zander Rose.

Zander Rose - Perfume

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