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Right now, the Akasha Records is on sale. Usually, we base the pricing off of how many lives each individual has had since some could have had more or less. We aim to be fair. However, for a limited time they’re at one low price. Get all of your past lives here on Earth, together! A great way to understand your journey. Entertaining, informative, and in one format to review like having a book written all about you!


1.) If the amount of your Earthly lifetimes exceeds over 7-10 lifetimes, additional charges will apply. Otherwise, focus will be placed on the most karmic lifetimes and those will be the ones featured in the akasha to begin with, in order of the timeline.

2.) There are NO REFUNDS after 72 hours of your order being placed. Alura could have already started your work. There are NO REFUNDS once you have received your service. The service itself is a huge amount of psychic work even just up to five readings. Once you receive it, proof of you having made the transaction on your own end is documented. Proof of the service being rendered is also documented. Proof of your initial request by email and booking form is also documented. This prevents refunds from yours and our financial institutions.

3.) Satisfaction is guaranteed but if by any chance you are unhappy with the service or did not see the Terms & Conditions No refund will be applied and the service is as is.

4.) If your service exceeds my limitations of 10 life times and you receive the audio or ebook of the most essential lifetimes, to obtain the remainder of your past lives a new package bundle will be required to be purchased. The price will be determined upon how many readings will still be needed to have every single one.

By purchasing you automatically agree to these terms.

Akashic Records Chapter Two- Earth Lives

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