Keep up with your spiritual health month to month, if every day or every week is too repetitive for you at this time. Like I said, spirituality is a way of life, not a hobby. But yes, the rush and responsibilities of everyday life can throw you off track. It’s important to continue keeping up with your spiritual journey so as not to fall into the mundane unfulfilling ways of life in average society. The “inspiration” packages were designed for those who need daily, weekly, or monthly help. This one, is every month and a little less intense than life coaching but a little more motivational than a random reading here or there. This month to month package lasts for 6 months and includes:
1.  Five card reading with interpretation 
2. Ascended Master of the month
3. Decree and exercise to practice
4. Sound therapy recommendation
5. Activity of the month
6. Goal of the month
7. Duality Card Reading to be aware of blessings and obstacles
8. Mini ascended master message

The Monthly Muse


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