Want a bit of everything? This deluxe package is full of insight derived from multiple forms of psychic methods and natural psychic abilities. Highly entertaining for you, and for myself in performance...this combo reveals answers to questions that you submit yourself at purchase or in simply allowing me and spirit to guide you. These forms of divination go back to the beginning of time and have for many ages, provided wonderful answers and insight into life‘s mysteries when performed by those who truly have the gift of using them. Your spiritual guides are involved heavily in the reading as well, as it includes channeling with the other forms of divination used. This is a very detailed and lengthy reading that guides and directs you into the right direction in your situation, or in life in general.
Packages includes:
1. Use of Crystal ball
2. 10 card Tarot Spread
3. Oracle Channeling 
4. Spirit communication (from whom appears for you)
5. Interpretation of the info if needed
6. Advising

Deluxe Psychic Package


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