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I am a Bible decoding wizard! I had read the Bible first time at the age of four. It’s true. There is just something mysterious about the book. It was back then, that heaven had  guided me to pick it up for the very first time, and I was simply blown away. There were so many hidden messages in that book, that I knew I would not be able to just read it one time only. In my lifetime I have read the Bible more than a dozen times and having read it, in many different ways. Yes! For my purpose and mission, I was assigned to have Archangel Metatron as a teacher. With his unsurpassable wisdom, I was taught an ineffable wisdom. This included the Bible’s truth too!
The Bible is the living word. It is encrypted with secrets and mysteries that pertain to the world, the hidden truths of this reality and contains the records... the blueprints of all of life here. It is a master builder’s dream! No matter what belief you come from, no one can deny the magical properties and endless knowledge that this book has within its pages. What’s more, is that to get to it’s truth, there are hundreds or more ways to decipher the infinite amount of hidden messages. As an angel myself, it came easy to find those amazing truths known to me prior to coming to Earth, in a book that to many seems likes it’s just a long dogmatic story. Come with me on a journey of your own, because the Bible also has shifting and changing guidance for each individual whose own existence is also hidden in its pages. This is not an average Bibliomancy reading. This is like a having the reality speak to you, with a message that will seem to just hit home.
I will spend one hour alone in session to use this form of divination and then to decode what comes up for you. Afterwards, I will then record the results of the session with additional channeling time to compliment the service for even more insight from the higher planes, while also going deep into analysis so that you will fully understand the meaning and walk away from this experience with the great wisdom of your session.

Our refund policy is 48 hrs after your purchase only. If you have already received your service you are not eligible for a refund as your service has already been conducted & rendered to you. Thank you!


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