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Life isn't easy, and neither is change. Now both have become so much easier, read more below...

Life Coaching

  • About Life Coaching
    Many now a days are affected by living the same day to day routine without change. Some even fear change, but still desire it. They just do not know how to go about inviting it into their lives. Recently, many have expressed feeling depressed, hopeless, and like they have lost all of their motivation to move forward. Many have lost interest in the things that once gave them inspiration. They seek for more, but sadly nothing is really cutting it. Others, have been on a soul seeking mission, or have desired awakening but only made it so far. Some too, have made progress, but returned bad to their old lifestryle, former people from their past, and old habits that have led them backwards and back to sleep. Life coaching is used to inspire, motivate, and guide one towards change. Sometimes, people need someone to be there to push them. Having support when things are a bit difficult or confusing, or simply having someone who can walk with them in their journey can be greatly beneficial. Life coaching is also used for helping someone make it in their career or find one. It is used for emotional and mental healing and support. Some use it for awakening coaching or to live a more spiritual lifestyle. You can use this for anything that you need help with really, and it is inspiring and motivating. The life coaching assistance helps push you, support you, and advise you towards any area of your life or self that you want to strive towards, for the greatest potential. Our new 2018 Life Coaching consists of re-mastered plans for areas of life that need help. We have now reviewed what has worked the best throughout the years, and what has worked the least. Afterwards, we were ready to form a whole new platform of coaching that had better percentages of being successful. Now our program consists of goals, exercises, tools, and motivation that have had an 80% success rate in the personal individualized programs and made a program that can work for everybody. Although the foundation is the same, each person will of course work the program to their own needs uniquely.
  • What Does Life Coaching Cover?
    We offer packages that can center on a specific area of life that you need, or we can combine the subjects for you. We have multiple packages that help in: Emotional and Mental Health Recovery Spiritual Living Awakening (You may want to try the Soul Development Training) Career Coaching Life Purpose Coaching and... Personal Transformation
  • How is Life Coaching done?
    Life Coaching is done here online for your own convenience and personal space. As a Spiritual Guide, Counselor, and Illumination Coach, I understand how important it is for a person to not have too much of a disruptive change in their lives, while working on themselves. Too much disruption can make you want to give up or run the other way. So this is done via email. It covers goals that are long term and short term, removing blockages that prevent change and growth, and it provides motivation as well as weekly guidance on how to work through all of that. It is done in a very gentle, noninvasive way and provides a one week gap in between, for the person to have time to work on their goals. Spirit will also add any advice or suggestions in regards to services that may be added in addition that could be greatly helpful. It also includes for bigger packages, a once a week phone call for 60 minutes for counseling.
  • How Long Is Life Coaching?
    Life Coaching with Alura, used to go by a 4-24 week program. However, after re-mastering the program we discovered that 4 weeks was never enough. Now the program consists of 3 month, 6 month and 1 year packages. If a person wants to reinvent themselves or master the tree of life, those packages are ideal, as well as for any other personal or spiritual goal.
  • Anything else?
    Yes! Life coaching has been so motivational that many who have enrolled did not want to stop. Some who had, wanted to enroll immediately again, after they saw that they started falling off from their new life, and started regressing back into their old one. It is important that once you decide that you are interested to email us first to schedule a consultation to see how much life coaching that you may need. For some, 4 weeks may be enough, for others..not so much. Alura and her team can guide you on what they feel fit your requirements and the time that the changes may need, to be accomplished. We will always be honest. If you only need 4 weeks, we will tell you. If you need a few more, we will let you know. It is different for everyone. Contact Alura on her "Booking" page with Life Coaching as the service topic for us to get back to you with a consultation.
  • What Happens After I am Finished Coaching?
    When you are done coaching, you may want to continue with a weekly or monthly spirit guide or angel reading for back up support as you set out on your own. Some find that the angel card reading weekly is a great help to them too. It depends on how much continuing guidance that you feel in your heart that you may need. Alura can help advise you with that as well.
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