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Products and Specials

Welcome to Alura's homemade products! Here you will find my monthly specials too! Shipping is now within 7 days of purchase or sooner! Enjoy dear visitor.

Angel Wings, Alura Cein Spiritual Teacher


I have many holistic and metaphysical products here at my site, and something special is just waiting with your name on it! Click on gallery below to go to the products page, or switch to it in the navigation menu. Below, you will find the Specials for this month, an area that features sales on my site for those who need a break financially.


Magical & Fun

My fairy magic candles and more, will bring a bit of fun, magic, and innocence into your life! Customizable, full of botanicals, and aromatherapy, as well as pre-infused with a spell.


Angelic Spirit

The angels bless each item in my new Angelic spirit collection. Enjoy their warmth in soaps, candles, and incense.


Perfumes and Oils

Want to smell divine? I make beautiful all natural fragrances for unisex, males, and females. I also make natural oils for all needs and occasions. Check them out!


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