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DNA upgrade, deprogramming, and activation all together and discounted!

DNA is the blueprint of your being. Every soul is having a human experience but has a purpose of transcending that experience at some point in time once they evolve.  in order to do that, we have to crack the code of your being in order to help you. That is found in DNA.

We have to activate what isn't working, which holds you back from evolving, and then we have to upgrade the rest so that it all works together with what we've activated. Then, we have to Deprogram anything that might be holding you back or hindering your upgrade and activation from working . Taking care of all of that while also walking the path of illumination through learning with me, will help you to reach the transcedental changes that you need to go to the next level of existence. It's not easy and it's a lot of hard work, but if you take the advice and work with the tools, you could be where you want to go.  these services work best when done together, but alas, not many people could afford to do them all at once. Now I have bundled them together in a package and discounted it so that we can do what we need to do, what we know will work, to make things. 

Please take a look at the additional information section found in this product, to see what else you may need to help your service have the best results. 

Ultimate DNA Package

$1,050.00 Regular Price
$892.50Sale Price
  • 1.) In order to best work with your service, it is highly advise that you purchased a personal mentoring or life coaching package with your bundle, in order to be guided and to help you to get the most out of your services, knowing what to expect from them. 

    2.) Since the DNA is a huge part of your energy bodies system. It is highly advise that you come into this bundle service with clean energy and balanced spirit body. Therefore, a full spirit body cleansing package is also recommended.

  • If you are following the recommendations and are purchasing a personal mentoring package, as well as a full spirit, body cleansing service with your ultimate DNA bundle, you qualify for even more of a discount. If you order the DNA Bundle, Personal Coaching and the full spirit body cleanse all together please add the code: evolveme when finishing your purchase and you'll not only get the 15% off of the DNA bundle but an additional 10% off!

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