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Your prayers matter...

Dearest friend,

Thank you for entrusting me with your prayer. I get many prayer requests through this form weekly and nothing brings me greater joy than to know that I may help play a role in your prayers being answered. Each prayer request that comes every week, gets added to my daily prayer list. I then petition to the heavens on your behalf for two full weeks, in which a new prayer list is created for the new submissions. However, after that two weeks is up, that doesn't mean that I stop praying for you.  There is another list that I have, in which the names of those who have submitted requests through my site over time, are added to. I pray from that list at least once a week. Therefore, you are always on one list, even if your new submission only lasts two weeks. I have the best intentions toward you, in wanting you to have the happiest, healthiest, and safest life. As a soul who seeks to represent virtue and divinity here, I care very much about you and your needs. 

Now that you are on the list, I wanted to direct you to this page for a reason. Many today, are filled with worry, and strife. Depression plagues the world, and so many are struggling with a number of issues from financial difficulties, loss, worries over security, fear over their safety, and more. Many are losing faith  because they feel that their prayers are not only unheard, but unanswered. I want to reinstall faith in those people by explaining how prayer works. And you can find that here...

I hope that you have time to read it. You are not alone. Keep in mind that you have me, and those in heaven who are always cheering for you. Your prayers will have a result. Faith equals having a strong belief, but doubt means "to question", which is the opposite of faith. I just wanted to take the time to write this so that you know that your prayer reaching me is very real and that it isn't getting lost in cyber world. I truly do prayer for you, I only hope that you try to stay strong and hopeful.

I send to you reader, lots of love. ~ Alura

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