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Everyone knows that we have a predestination planned for us in our soul’s pre-written Book of Life.However, as I have taught... there are many factors that can change your path and your future. Branching out in front of you, you have a few paths that are possible because your situation now shows a few different things that could lead you into different directions containing different outcomes of fate at the end of each one. In this reading, I will show you three different directions that you can go in and where they lead. This is great foresight into the future because it helps you to know before doing anything, where it may take you and you can have more control over your choice of the path that you take into the future. For those trying to stay on the straight and narrow, they can avoid getting sidetracked or making the wrong turn toward a destination that wasn’t meant for them. That in turn creates karma, for not meeting the souls that you agreed to meet and for not completing the needed tasks, lessons, vows, and purpose that you agreed to complete before this life. Don’t you long for a happy future? What great insight? Not everyone has this opportunity to see into their futures this deep. If they did, many people would be happy with where they are in their lives. I use this type of reading for myself a lot of times. It’s like three readings in one!

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Paths to the Fates

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