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The word demon is actually derived from a Greek word that simply means wise one. We know that Miss demons are lower vibrational entities, and what we mean by lower vibrational is that they do not exist in the higher plains of earth. They exist just be on the spiritual veil outside of 3D.  However, they do have a lot of insight when it comes to both sides of duality in this world. They can give a lot of wisdom in terms of things that you need to be aware of in the world of the occult and your spirituality as well as the hidden realm of your inner secrets. This is a wonderful reading to tap into, some of the most innermost places. Get ready to receive a message from the world of unsightly beings!

Our refund policy is 48 hrs after your purchase only. If you have already received your service you are not eligible for a refund as your service has already been conducted & rendered to you. Thank you!

Demon Session

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