Spirit channels some intense and vivid pictures for me to decode into a message for you,based on your life, your path, and your soul's own special language.  Or maybe you have been seeing many symbols that you want to know what they mean? Either or, this reading provides intense understanding and is fun and educational.

Allow spirit to provide for you a message using symbolism and images that they generate through my gift of clairvoyance. This is an amazing reading that when putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together in those images, we find a very deep message. They use your service and your subconscious mind both, to communicate with you through the symbolism that they choose. Do you have different symbols popping up for you like numbers, repeated words or signs? Would you like to know what they mean? If you would like to use the reading for that, simply just email us instead and we will set a smaller price, but you will have to provide the details of the symbols that you are seeing. Otherwise please purchase this reading and get ready to enjoy spirits way of communicating with you through the symbolism of their spiritual language.

Decoding Your Symbolism


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