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Each and every day people look to heaven with prayer. However, it is hard to hear a response above the noise and the distractions of every day worries and struggles. Many do not realize that Heaven has a specific way of working with things. Since humans are full of all different types of thoughts, sins and inner emotional struggles, the creator sets aside beings in the planes above, that will help humans in their prayers or in need of divine intervention. Then, some are sent awake as messengers to communicate in between this world and the next, like Alura. This is to provide human beings with messengers that can carry their prayers up to heaven, as well as a solution back down to earth. But heaven does not work on human timing. Many people pray, they don’t realize that the answer to their prayers may take some time. Because it does not happen right away, many people dismiss God. And when the prayer does get answered several years later, it’s been so long since they prayed about it, that they fail to recognize that it is God’s doing. For an example of somebody prays for somebody in their life to change, they may expect God to suddenly make that person change automatically. But that’s not how it works. Many different situations will be placed on that person’s path by God, to provoke change. And could unfortunately take some time. It’s all about being faithful and having trust. But since humans have a very different perspective and God sees things from a holy place of wisdom, that is why humans have difficulty in hearing him. Now with this reading, you can finally hear a reply. In other words, hear what the creator has to say to you finally after all of this time. What will you say? I have information will he provide? This session is only just one step towards establishing that connection to God. Nevertheless, imagine that you went your whole life without hearing from him, so he might have a lot to say.
This is a loving message providing encouragement and insight into your life and usually does not lead to the requirement of any further services except that you use the advice to make your life better. Alura has been speaking with God and the heavens, all of her life which is why she is the genuinely loving and virtuous woman that she is. "By their fruits, you will know them", as it is said.

Our refund policy is 48 hrs after your purchase only. If you have already received your service you are not eligible for a refund as your service has already been conducted & rendered to you. Thank you!

Conversations with God

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