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Negative energy is everywhere, we walk through each and every day. Wi-Fi signals, self in towers, people exchanging those Wi-Fi signals all around us, spiritual entities behind the veil… There are so many things that I could name, that harms the  spiritual body. There are also large amounts of negative thought forms in the air. Imagine that our aura is a large bubble of multiple layers of energy that connect to the many parts of our self. The emotional body, mental body, Astral body, physical body, celestial body, And your casual body. All of those layers in your spiritual body connect to your chakra system. The chakra system cycles that energy in and out every day. It cycles it through the atmosphere and from your own energy in that bubble, into the chakras and then back out again. Everything is an exchange of energy. Thought forms, artificial intelligence, spiritual entities, cannot enter into your bubble or aka… your aura. Your own negative thoughts and feelings can also fill up that so-called Bible. With all of our bubbles overlapping in this experience, it’s very easy for  people to infect one another. Just being in the same home your energy could affect another individual living there. If you’re having bad thoughts or mood swings, certainly those particles of energy are going to flow through the atmosphere and certainly connect with another person that may have subconscious thoughts like that. Those particles of energy are going to travel and enter into anyone else’s bubble so to speak. Now that person will then start acting out according to what those energies have brought with them, like anger, depression and so on. What’s more is that entities drive on energy like that. They will naturally attach and start feeding off of the negative energy and perhaps even create other scenarios that can produce more. Like getting you and your family or your spouse to argue… It happens all of the time. Your aura is so very important as is your life, that if you are experiencing any number of symptoms that are unhealthy, then it may be a good idea for you to find out what could be causing it. Out of any number of those things that I’ve listed above, you could definitely end up having one or all of them. There’s also something else called a curse or a generational spirit. I write about these topics more so on my website The Illumination of Metatron, if you want to learn more. But if you are having symptoms of energy drains, mood swings, constant depression, trouble sleeping, or nightmares when you do sleep, it could be very likely that you are under attack of something or the other. You may want to find out more. This reading will go into detail as to what is going on for you. Check out some links on my website for more information to educate yourself on this topic at Church of I. M

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Spiritual Interference

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