Many people seem to forget about how the moon plays a huge role in who they are today and how life goes for them. In fact the moon can provide a great deal of information in regards to how it affects your moods specifically as an individual. It will also tell when certain cycles of your life are coming around for you that could bring wealth, love, or even hardships. This helps to determine your personality on a hidden secret level too. It will also help to reveal any subconscious issues that you have under the surface. And it’s all according to the direction of the moon, and stars in the heavens. This is a deep analysis, and consists of several elements that are evaluated for the results.

It is submitted in “text” format only, and takes a few hours to do, in addition to a short time of preparing your document to upload it. This is a one of a kind reading as we’re all of the readings on this until others started copy. As a result, Methods are not disclosed, only the information pertaining to your lunar currents.

Lunar Energies


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