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This is another addition of the Heavenly Homework service but instead of providing you with different ideas on what you can learn or add to your journey personally in your own relationship with spirit and your higher self, this little plan provides a plan for you on the spiritual services that you may need throughout the year that can help.  it helps you to know when to come by and get them, like an itinerary of sorts. I have done this with a few other people, and thought to make it a service that was accessible for others, since it seemed to have such a good result.

This is more beneficial for my longtime clients. having worked with me for a long time they have probably already done a lot of the services offered on my website and don't know what to do at a certain point, and having the advice can help. Many lose their spiritual motivation without having a proper plan on what services they can get in order to have proper advisement from their spiritual guides on what they need to do throughout the year.  for those that become members of the behind closed doors membership subscription, this service will be optional for free.

This is also good for newcomers who might want a little more advisement and consultation on what they could do for themselves to expand on their spiritual journey by having a proper plan of services to follow. 

Heavenly Homework- Yearly Spiritual Plan Assessment

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