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Finally, a protective talisman with all of the signatures of the most powerful archangels. This provides protection, strength, wisdom, and insight.  Together, with the force of these angels, they create for you, a circle of protection that works with archangel. Metatron‘s grid, if you have one. It automatically centers the protection grid’s energy and adds a little additional power from the archangels listed on the pendant.  invite Gabriel, Michael, Rafael, Zadkiel, Tzaphkiel, Samael, and Haniel into your aura. This is a limited time addition, for now, until I get more shipments. 

It’s perfect and on time for the holidays or that “anytime” special gift. 

This talisman is priced as it is, for the product and for the ritual, that’s called the energies of the angels listed on it to it. 

Hall of Archangels Neckklace

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