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The simple angelic assessment is titled that because I actually have a larger version of this reading that covers a persons spiritual development and path. In the meantime, I wanted to keep a smaller version of the reading for singular issues encountered in life too.

A wonderful way to gain total insight into a situation, or scenario in your life, is to have the angels evaluate it for you. Is there something going on in your life where you need to know what’s going on, on the surface and underneath of it, to better understand? Not everything is as it appears after all. People that accept things just for the surface value, often never gain wisdom and they tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Do you want greater knowledge about something in your life? Do you want to know what the person or people that are involved are thinking? What’s their perspective of it? Seeing their side of things, will help you to communicate in the situation better and understand why they view it the way that they do. This helps you to better explain things to them, knowing exactly what the misconception is that they have, and how they developed it.  Most people fail to express why they have the opinions that they have. If they do, it’s usually based on something that they’ve heard or a misunderstanding in regards to something that they’ve experienced or seen. Knowing exactly what it is, can help you explain yourself better. I have a Heavenly being myself, I am often playing the role of a mediator between parties that come to have disagreements around me. Immediately according to the divine way of evaluating the people in situations involved. I can promise you that it helps to have the details that this reading provides, that otherwise would not be visible. It brings a great deal of peace as well as a lesson learned…once you have listened to the results. Do you want heavenly insight on how to go about the situation, solve or rectify it? This is the reading for you then.  let the angels assess your situation for you. They see from every angle, that humans can’t see from. They not only provide a solution to your main issue, but the solution just may help in other smaller issues that you’re having as well. 

This reading requires a few details to be provided for the session, after purchasing it. 

1.  Please explain your situation in a few details. Tell me what it is that generally happened, who was mainly involved, and how was the situation left? You can be as vague as you wish in providing those details, but I will still need you to answer those questions for me nonetheless. Heaven will provide a lot of detail in regards to your situation for me, but I need to know which situation to dig into as each and every individual will have a lot of things going on in their lives at the time. If I see something that I feel is important and I go to the angels about that instead, then you may not get the reading on the appropriate situation as you desired. Letting me know exactly what you want the reading on helps me to get right in there, which then helps me to get your reading to you a lot faster. Having a little bit of communication with that way, also helps me to read into your energy for a better channeling. If I hear your emotions and your take on the situation that you want the reading on, it will help me to enter your energy a lot deeper. Then I can go to the angels as if I were you.

You can submit the details in the booking form, found on the “booking page”. Or, you can directly email it to me with the title of this reading in your subject line. If you don’t have my direct email, there is a chat box option on this site that you can send your details to. It’s better if you use the booking form though. 
There are no refunds issued after 48 hours of your purchase. There’s no telling when you’re reading could have been completed and put in the queue for upload. Please see our terms and conditions page for more.

Simple Angelic Assessment

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