The Angelic Assessment is different from the Spiritual Assessment (offered on the channeling page) in the fact that one looks into where you are at in terms of your spiritual path. What’s holding you back? How should you proceed in order to move on successfully into the future? Very important realizations are triggered for “wake up” moments in order to confront the past and live free, getting closer to enlightenment. Questions are asked by the client before and after the reading, for more clarity in the pre-consultation and the post-consultations that are provided by email. The Angelic Assessment differs from all of that because, it focuses on the entirety of the person which includes: 
1. Looking at their atmosphere 
2. Evaluating their relationships by remotely scanning the people in their lives for toxicity, enemies, sabotage, gossip etc.
3. Evaluation of their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.
4. Insight into their routine and practices.
5. Short analysis of their etheric layers (aura layers). 
6. Evaluating their career 
7. Evaluation of their level and position on the tree of life. This is basically looking at where they are in terms of growth on their path toward enlightenment. 

Due to the extreme combinations of readings, this service will require some time to complete. Patience is greatly appreciated in advance.

Angelic Assessment


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