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New Scent! Bigger container!

It’s heavenly to have skin that’s issue free and soft like a cherubim! My new homemade miracle body butter for my new mini bath and body line. I only have just a few more new things to come! I actually sampled this one myself. I had some very dry elbows and itchiness.  I put some on, and the next day all of the dry skin was gone. My skin looked youthful and radiant. It’s great for stretch marks, desired glowing skin, healing burns or extra severe dry skin. It rejuvenates as it should, because not only did I use a perfect blend of ingredients that the heavens told me were perfect for these uses, but I also added some energy into it, the same that I use for my cellular rejuvenation services. This is great for just about anything. I love it. 

FYI: I make these products for me and my family as I don’t trust most commercialized products to be totally free of toxins or completely free of animal cruelty. But I thought to share them and put them out there for others who may want some really amazing products for their outer health and beauty, but to be just as safe. This is also great for mites and psoriasis as it chases the micro pests away too. It heals of burns, basic rashes, light topical fungal infection and greatly moisturizes while scenting you with a natural aroma that makes you smell delicious! Great for both genders. 

Orders now sent faster! All international shipments must be invoiced separately to pay for shipping. Cost includes shipping for National orders!

Scent- Orange and Chamomile

All over-Miracle Body Butter

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