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Step into the sands of time with a past life reading. Alura's past life readings have  out of this world detail, and provide wonderful insight into your past experiences that can even make sense in your present life now. Do want to understand your very last life previous to this one? It may hold information inside of the details, that can help you come to terms with karma, repeating issues, lessons still needed to be learned, as well as who you were, and what your purpose was in that life, and if it continued into this one on top of your present purpose. Let's have a look and discover who you were and who it makes you today.You will find answers to why you have specific interests, and issues plus more. It's like hearing a mini audio story of yourself as another character in time!

Use this for your last lifetime lived, a random past ife or to peek into one that you feel that you may have had.

Past Life Reading

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