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Updates and Info February 2020


Greetings everyone. A copy of this will also be posted on my actual website, for those that may not follow this blog. But for those that do, we have a few updates.

Getting Caught up...

A lot of the readings are now starting to get distributed, as I have been working through the long list of work that is accumulated from September all the way up until now...considering some events that had happened of great importance. In September I had a road trip to attend to. In October, I lost my father. Then the holidays came about.

But now, after getting caught up a bit, I am getting through the orders quite easily, and trying to keep up with getting everybody their services... in a speedy fashion. Many had ordered Akasha records though. Whether it was celestial, earth lifetimes, or future, it's still requires a great deal of work. So if you were one of those individuals who had ordered one of the Akasha records chapters, please hang in there. I am doing the very best that I can with hundreds upon hundreds of readings in those particular services, while still distributing other ones that are requested daily. I am just one person and doing the best that I can. I am working with great ease though, and getting a lot of them done. So rest assured, your services will be on their way as soon as possible.


I wanted to add that we will be getting the Indignation course up and running too. There were several people who wanted to enroll. As you all know, with all of the services that I have and my very busy schedule, it's hard for me to answer questions for the courses for students that are enrolling at different times. The questions become very repetitive instead of more conveniently being able to teach everybody all at once, and having similar questions coming in at the same time. So we did postpone that just to make sure everybody that wanted to be a part of it, could all learn together, and maybe even comment in our group on Facebook as well.

If you weren't aware already, The Goddess course has been put up on the Truthology Classroom Site. If you were enrolled in that particular course (more like a workshop), you can finish up there. As of right now, there should be just one more lesson getting ready to go up by the end of this week around February 10.

Quicker service offer & Longest Services List

Those of you who don't have a particular preference, to make your services come faster.... if you could specify in your booking form upon ordering your service that you do not mind a text format for your readings results, I can probably more than likely get your reading to you a lot faster than any others. That is because I am always on the road, or there is a lot of incoming traffic here at the office. I also have a family to attend to as well. It makes it easier if I can do the channeling and then take the readings results on the road with me and send you the results by text format. For those of you that for for audio just stick with that but it may take a little bit of time to get your services to you. Please keep in mind that larger services take more time to arrive go as follows:

1. Any Akasha readings

2. Soul Development reading packages

3. Soul Audits

4. Spiritual Accessments

5. Persons who have ordered more than one basic reading at a time.

This can take 3 weeks or longer.

Delivery time, Life Coaching & Closing

Otherwise, I can get a lot of the services out to everyone at an estimated delivery time of 1-2 weeks if that. With the schedule being as it isn't trying to accommodate everyone with the services that are so very important to them, I will not be able to be in touch too often. Even life coaching's are a little difficult to keep up with at this time. Although, I will ensure that life coaching students get what they need, even if the day of the week may be a little inconsistent. Please forgive me.

For Tree of life coaching... just for those enrolling... this coaching is an ego deprogram with a mix of extreme matrix, self, and spiritual awareness, intuition building, and transcendence of the human stages of life that hold a person back toward next level ascension that takes a person to the next level that they should be in, in soul development in connecting with higher self. It helps in adding use of virtues and divine perspective with life purpose chasing tools too. There is confidence and relationship building elements etc. There are four master programs and you'll begin wherever you are found to be in the Tree, but you need to continue to get to the level level too. Higher self is found at Mercy in the tree and above. I work with your spirit team but personal issues are not addresssed. Instead, upon your homework, tools are given mixed into the coaching for you to use the awareness that you're learning to know what the tools are on your own realization and use them for problem solving. It's the most intensive program. And, protected legally in my method. If you aren't ready, other forms of coaching may be better. If your intentions are not pure or you aren't serious, it will show in your answers. I may suggest in either case to switch you to another form of coaching. Refunds are not available due to coaching plans being personally custom made.

I also have:

1. Angelic Mentoring- for development of virtues and a balanced self in saintly life.

2. Personal coaching- for personal life like career advice, confidence, friendships, organizing and motivational.

3. Relationship Coaching- to improve any kind of relationship

4. Parenting Coaching- For parenting help

5. Addictions and Recovery- for addiction help or Trauma healing.

6. Extreme motivation- to motivate you to reform your thoughts and life as well as pursue dreams.

I also wanted to make everyone aware that I am closed to rejuvenate. Such extreme work should gain rest. Therefore, I am unavailable Friday's, and Saturday's and every other Monday night.

Overnight Energy Services?

From now on, all spells are conducted in the same night that they are ordered. Your confirmations should all be sent to you the day after, for the latest the second day after your purchase. Healings are also done the same way. Although, healings will not be conducted on the days that I am off for my breaks. Therefore, for example..if you order a healing on a Thursday, then you're probably not going to get a confirmation until that Monday. Unless it is one of the Mondays that we are closed so you will probably hear something Tuesday. I would suggest that if you are ordering any type of healing or spell work and you want a confirmation ASAP, that you order them Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Sundays. Unless you don't mind waiting.

Project Positivity

This year is a very good year for myself and the Angels helping me, as we are getting to the bottom of the lot of limitations that have held us back in time. With a lot of prophecies being put out there for world events and such through The Angelic Herald, we are going to hold back on some of those for now and focus on some more positive things to take place, to balance things out and get everybody in a good place mentally and emotionally. It is good to be updated and know what's going on, on a disastrous scale, but you also have to keep awareness of good things too. With that, there are a few different projects that are also underway for this year... to promote and motivate others into doing more positively based things. Please join my group Truthian Circle or Exploring Angels on Facebook to participate, find friends, or exchange knowledge. You can also find me on Instagram but please like and repost for me? Thanks in advance.

Ascension, Soul Development

I would like to remind everybody that I work through a very specific method in my readings and services that help a person to ascend. There are services that go in order with one another, if that is what you are looking for. If you didn't see the soul development page on my website, please have a look under the "Welcome" page on my navigation menu. However, to make it easier this is order you may want to follow:

1. Soul Reading or Celestial Akasha, and Angelic Birth Chart

2. Life purpose , Tree of Life,

3. Higher self, Spirit team message

4. Book of life

5. Karma Clearing

6. The Works

After these, if you are working towards ascension... you will want to enroll in the courses. I offer a bundle price for them all to help seekers financially. During the courses, you will want an Akasha for memory recall to connect with higher self, as well as working on your trauma or darker attributes with Subconscious Dig and Shadow Self readings. Helping your consciousness to conform to the changes with a DNA Upgrade and Jehovian Seal Removal are essential. After the courses, these services will continue the journey upward:

1. Akasha Purpose

2. Celestial lineage and Soul Parent Message

3. Future insight in the Future Akasha or Path to Fates reading

4. Tree of life coaching to assist in incorporating what you learned into total transcendence.

That's everything! Then I suggest every few months obtaining an Angel or Spirit Guide Message with an Aura & Chakra clearing combo will be sufficient to maintain but some may need ongoing coaching. Understanding the language of your soul truths unspoken symbolic language, and knowing your higher self are both of great importance but should come naturally throughout the process itself. You may still need some dream interpretation help here and there. If you don't follow the entire program or advice in it if you do take it, you may not reach the level that you're expecting.

For others who are spiritual junkies like myself, there is a huge array of different readings and services that you can get in between for fun as well as a great deal of deep wisdom. I would definitely recommend that you get a protection grade and a psychic block at some point in the journey of your soul development process though. they work wonders in keeping others out of your energy and protecting you from other harmful things in the environment as your light body will expand into a higher vibration and it may not be able to handle all of the different negative frequencies all around you from other people, the atmosphere, as well as artificial intelligence, and the sun as well. I may be required for some who are ultra empathic and very sensitive to get the works package or an angelic light therapy healing every month or every other month. I do my own once a week but everybody's different and I know that everybody has to be careful with finances, which is better for themselves. If you ever get stuck you need a little discount please just ask me.

My favorites

Just for the record, if you're still kind of poking around and unsure as to what you want to do, and maybe perhaps you are just exploring a little here and there on your own and would like a few suggestions... I have a couple of my own personal favorites in regards to the readings that are offered on my website that you may like as well.

1. Earth Angelic Oracle Reading

2. The Great Figure of Destiny

3. Conversations with God or Goddess

4. As above, so below tarot or The Guardian Versus Tempter

That's pretty much it except we have new videos coming in great subjects including parenting, spiritual history etc. It'll be great. Hopefully, the shadow banning will end in the meantime though so others can see them. We have new products as well, to appear on the site under "Our Merchandise" on the homepage aka the Welcome page. And a Bible Course is coming as my last course. I also have a few announcements too, but not yet!

Thanks for reviewing this! I'm working on taking care of all of you. Do you need any other further of these as time goes by please follow my business page on Facebook and I do sometimes post some updates on the Instagram as well. We have two Instagram pages under these usernames: @alura_cein and @spiritually_awkward. We also have some contest from time to time and we just got done giving away $100 Prize for a lovely contest that we had for spiritual space. We would love it if you would join us in our Facebook groups to participate, but if you're somebody that likes more of a private connection with me… You can just participate through emailing. If you enroll as a free member to my actual services website, you could win prizes weekly. We have a weekly raffle we are winning out of the memberships are drawn. We also have a paid VIP membership to anybody's interested. It provides 15% off each individual service and 20% off of an entire invoice. That includes the courses as well. Also includes access to all of the courses if you have already been in rolled in them. You get a monthly personalized custom newsletter and reading, and one free healing per year.

If you are still waiting on services, please believe me we are aware that they are due to you. Hang in there, we're going to get you all taken care of shortly. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

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