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New Year Update

Welcome back everybody! 

I am so excited to have you here. I love you all, oh so very much. I hope that you had a wonderful new year's celebration and that you all rang in 2023 with joy and hope! 

This is supposed to be a new year full of goals, and for you to actually achieve many of them! As you embark on the journey of your changes throughout this year ahead, I am here to provide you love and support. Also, I myself would like to thank you for the love and support that you have provided for me throughout the years.

As usual, this newsletter will be extremely lengthy. I have a lot to catch up with.

Gentle Reminders

I have so many websites and articles, and because many of my followers stay up-to-date with the material that I post, I don't like to overwhelm everyone with too many newsletters. Therefore, I usually just post seasonally or if there's something important that needs to be discussed. I would like to start doing these newsletters by video in the future. 

My last newsletter was posted here on my site last Autumn. I had recently suggested that anyone who follows me regularly to stay current, go back to the Autumn Newsletter and review it. This way, they could be reminded of the new changes set to take place for the new year of 2023. I am still 100% on board with all that was discussed in that particular newsletter. Those changes are still taking place, full speed ahead. Many probably have not seen any as of yet, because I have been closed. I mentioned in that very same newsletter, and in many of my social media posts, that I had to get surgery at the start of this year and that I would not be serving others during that time.

My surgery took place on January 11th. Afterwards, there should be a six week healing process for most normal people. Everyone knows that I'm not normal though. Ifg Using Angelic Light Therapy healing, and my special unique healing called “cellular rejuvenation,  I healed four days post-op. As a result, I had planned to re-open on January 21st.

Archangel Ariel suggested that I take the time to rejuvenate my energy and get caught up on some work. Therefore, I have not reopened for services yet, but I did keep my energy services page up and running. The reason for that is because usually those services are a couple weeks behind anyhow. It's always good to have a person who's interested in expert healing, to get their name on the schedule. The schedule is always moving, and spaces get filled up pretty quickly. 

The reading selections have been unavailable though. I made sure to inform everyone about the duration of time in which I would be closed so that everybody could be on the same page with me. 

There were a lot of people who had been waiting for readings for quite a bit of time and experienced even more of a delay because of the closing. I am so very sorry for that, and thank you very much for enduring. There have been a lot of people who have shown me kindness and patience both, and for that…I am eternally grateful. It truly shows virtue when a person can sit back and allow the heavens to guide their path of fate. 

Even if things pop up along the way that create delays when expecting to receive a service, perhaps it's meant to be that way? Perhaps heaven is behind the delays because there's an even more perfect time predetermined for the individual to receive the reading in the future. That's truly a different way to look at it right!? Thinking in that light can bring more positive vibrations to the situation.

I know, since the heavens communicate with me as to whether they would like an individual's reading to be issued to them at the time, or at any time. I can only hope that others can try to adopt this type of mindset in the future.

Surgery Update: Love through others…

It was truly humbling toward the end of 2022 because a few people came by together to help me. I didn't have a lot of people who came through for me. Yet, the few people who did, were supportive and  even humbly added to my surgical fees on top of the amount that I had saved up myself. If you recall, it was required that I pay for the surgery myself out of pocket. The donations really did help me to pay for the remaining g fee that I was short of for the surgery. 

Getting the procedure would also require that I take time off of work. I would need to shut down operations here on the site until recovery. Using all that I had, and the kind charitable gifts that those few individuals had blessed me with meant that not only would I need to close, but that there would be no incoming income to support me and the babies for the time being. Therefore, I also added a donation button on my Spiritual services website for anyone who wanted to help contribute a few dollars to helping me to stay afloat while I’m closed and healing up. 

It's found on my main website's welcome page here. It pops up in a pop-up box if you want to have a look. I think you'll have better luck seeing it if you use a laptop or computer rather than a cell phone. Anyone wanting to send a donation can also send it through PayPal simply by just using my email.

It's not like me to reach out for help like this. In the past, any fundraiser that has been set up for me for anything, had come from clients, who were just trying to get everyone to put together to help, even though I have not asked or even wanted it. But I'm not ungrateful. I do thank them. I'm really lucky I have such nice people to walk this life path with. But this time I am reaching out to others myself. I have no other way.

I added the donation button about three weeks ago and only two people were kind enough to give me a little something. 

I'm still just as grateful for the people who “gave” even if not of monetary value and instead the gift of love, prayers, and support. I want to thank the two people that donated to that “post-op surgery fund”. With that, I know that their own financial situations are not always the best, and they still helped me. For that I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

You know who you are. 

As a woman without anyone and who is caring for everyone on her own, being out of work isn't an easy position to be in. I appreciate your love and compassion. For everyone else, allow me to thank you so very much for your love and your support. If love and support is all that you were/are able to give, then it's still the greatest gift of all. I really love each and everyone of you, and I am so very blessed by the heavens to have been given so many beautiful souls to connect with in this lifetime.

For some of them, they became students whom I would teach. and there were ones that I went on to save too. I've taught many people about the virtues. I live by them. The virtues include patience, charity, and kindness, etc. As a teacher, I am truly proud of everyone and grateful for the love that you have shown me. 

It's always nice to share these lessons and experiences of heavenly blessings and virtues, so that others may feel inspired by it. All in all, I healed myself after the surgery to speed up recovery, but I didn't reopen on the planned date. I still need a little more time to get caught up on the work that piled up on me right before I close the list and to get the energy services done that were purchased while I left the page open.

Date for Reopening 

Today's date is now January 31st, 11 days past the original date that I had planned on reopening. I will now reopen on February 6th. That date is absolute. 

I would've reopened sooner, but I wanted to finish putting some of my affairs in order for the new changes in my business, projects, and to also try to get caught up on some of the readings that people have been waiting on. 

I hope that when I reopen, that I can start with a fresh new list and move more quickly. I am even more excited about getting back on track with “The Bible Untold” course. 


For this newsletter, I wanted to use this opportunity to update everyone in regards to a few things. 

Firstly, I have info to share regarding new services and opportunities that were recently added to my site. 

I also want to address the new changes that will take place throughout this year! 

Read on below!

New Hours of Operation

A long time ago, I used to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I even worked on holidays. I actually looked forward to it. There was nothing like sitting down and waiting to hear from enthusiastic students who wanted to spend their holiday learning even more. I was devoted.

Many of my closest students would often tell me that they worried about the future, that if more people came to me that it would mean that I would have less time with them. New students and clients would mean that there would not be as much time for those that had developed a very strong connection with me. That would be because I would have more people to attend to, and I would have to balance out my time amongst each person. 

I always truly desired in my heart, to prove to my closest students that what they feared would never happen. I would always try to make time for everyone the best that I could. Sadly, they were right. I always knew it in my heart, but I had truly hoped to give it my best shot in my efforts of trying to ensure that I had enough time with everyone equally. 

Nevertheless, more clients meant new orders. New orders meant that there would be bigger orders. When a person just starts out working with me, they are greatly excited to begin looking into the hidden avenues of their lives and spirit. Some of them would order up to a dozen readings at a time. More orders with more services per each new order, would certainly keep me busy. Too busy.

I would still need time for many of my other projects, my life, coaching students, my courses, healing sessions, my own family, life, and my communications with the heavens, in order to keep new information coming in from the higher planes, in order to provide humanity with an accurate forecast of what to expect.

It seems that none of that worked out quite as I had hoped. I got overly backed up with the orders, and I started feeling as if I were more like a psychic machine than a divine messenger. That was certainly how some of my customers had been treating me too. A lot of them didn't even give me patience. If I were a normal person in the world who was in need of heavenly wisdom to help me, I certainly would not take it lightly if I had the honor of actually finding it! 

The problem was, a lot of the people that found me had come from these new age circles, where a lot of those groups had defiled things of divine nature. 

By the way that they represented it, how they represented themselves, what they taught, and all of the deception surrounding it. 

In the new age communities, everyone and everything is considered a starseed or angel even though that's not true. For goodness gracious sake, I have even seen people’s profiles with 50 different soul titles listed all at once. I had discovered so many different star races out there in the celestial's, that I had been the first ever to introduce a few different races that were unknown to mankind before me. I honestly just wanted to educate others about the universe and how it's unlimited.

People spend so much time judging others on this planet. Human beings resemble each other in the form of their human bodies. Yes, there may be different races of humans, but they have similar features and build. If humans can hate on each other even while being so similar, imagine how much more they would hate on someone who is so totally different and out of this world? I truly believed that through educating people about the many different beautiful creations out there in the stars, that it would really help people to be more open minded to love and acceptance. 

What I am trying to say is that, I feel that spirituality is more like a trend and where people don't give it very much respect. In spiritual circles out there, they throw heavenly titles around like they have no meaning whatsoever. That takes away from the importance and respect that real heavenly beings should be treated with. 

That's why I am very careful in whom I choose to work with these days. I only look for others who are serious, and understand who I am and what I do. Paying for the reading, some clients viewed it similarly to purchasing a piece of merchandise. The insight, the time, wasn't looked at as a sacred gift. They didn't ever think to themselves that the money didn't matter to me, I was just happy to help people find themselves. 

However, while I do understand from their perspective, I don't view it that way. This is a very serious spiritual path that I offer to others and it's not some merchandise that someone can demand as soon as they want it.

With all of the work that I've put into last how many years, I am going to change my hours of operation so that I can add that focus and attention back into individuals that are truly serious about their spiritual pathway. I mentioned something about this in the previous newsletter that I keep referencing, but I had not decided upon what hours and days I wanted to use in order to provide the services, when I had posted it. But now I have come to my own decisions of when it would be best for me to work and provide services for everyone. I hope that many of you will still be around in the long run to see how this all goes for me.

New Hours & Days of Operation 

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday thru Thursday- Open

9PM to 4AM

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday- Open

10PM to 3AM

Sunday- Open


Each day that I'm open, different work related tasks and projects will be scheduled. I'll post a weekly itinerary on my social media. Look for the post containing the itinerary after February 6th. I'll post it on Mondays.

Social Platforms, Clubs, & Memberships

My computer support technician is also something of a computer God. He built me a social media platform of my own sometime ago, that I would really love to see people use. It's the very reason why I am bringing up the subject. I truly would like to see everyone use that social media site. The platform that I used for the “Reignite Your Light” motivational program found on my website will have a newly created area that will go up on the website soon, and it will be available for members of the new membership club that I've created called “Behind Closed Doors”. 

I believe that with subscriptions, you can add forums, services, and programs… That the people in the subscription can gain access to.

That brings me to the subject that I've been wanting to get into here, which is about the VIP membership and the membership.

Changes to the VIP Membership

For many years, I had to get familiar with the platform that I had been using for my spiritual services website. I had built my design from scratch and hosted it on a website service called WIX. 

They are always coming out with brand new plug-ins, widgets, and apps that you can add to your website in order to make things easier for you and your clientele. One of the new plug-ins allows you to open up pricing plans and subscriptions that your clients and students can enroll in, in order to continue being a part of an ongoing service. I may not have opened up a lot of forums or groups on my website, but I did end up offering pricing plans and subscriptions. As many of you know already, one of the subscriptions is a VIP membership program. 

I've been encouraging everyone to read the autumn newsletter. If you've read it, you'll recall that I mentioned that the VIP membership didn't work out how I had hoped it would.

Even though it didn't work out as I had originally hoped for, it did offer a few great benefits (perks) that made it well worth enrolling in nonetheless. I'll elaborate more below. 

I'll be changing a few things in regards to that membership, but I wanted to inform everyone on what those changes would consist of before they took place officially.

Changes, & Still more than worth it

The V.I.P provided members with a 20% off discount for all of their purchases. It also allowed students to gain access into any courses that they had taken with me previously before in the past. 

That's a wonderful thing because they didn't have to pay the enrollment fees to re-enter the courses. Imagine that you had taken a bunch of courses that were costly and later on once you finished them, wanted to go back and review the lessons again to make sure that you had learned everything? However, it wasn't possible. That's because once you're done with the course, the course closes for you. If you wanted to go over any information found in them, you would have to sign up all over again and pay the course entry fees again.

Most people would have to sign up again, re-entering only one course at a time because of needing to save up. With the VIP membership, they didn't/don't have to pay to get back into any courses, no matter how many they had previously been in in the past. That's a generous gift! Members also were promised unlimited access to their courses, as long as they had their subscription plan on an auto renewal payment, yearly. 

Another fantastic benefit of the VIP membership was that they also received a free healing annually. Surprise goodie boxes were also sent out randomly and spontaneously.

When I created the VIP membership, I had also offered members the ability to jump the line and get their service faster. That's where it all went wrong. 

For members to jump ahead of the line to avoid and bypass wait time, the membership would have to have a limit on how many could join it. The reason is, if I have more VIP clientele than I have in numbers of regular clients, then that would mean that the majority of my clientele was entitled to jump the line using the perk in the membership. But that wouldn't be possible, considering almost all of my clients were in the position to go ahead of everyone else because of the membership. In other words, too many people joined and it defeated the purpose. Nobody could benefit from it because there were too many expecting it.

I take responsibility for that. I should have put a limit on how many people I would accept into that membership. I continue to allow enrollments with good intentions. I know that a lot of my clients and students truly benefit from having the discount and access to the courses.

Now that I've been able to explain a little bit about what happened with the VIP membership, I would like to say that anyone who is enrolled in it is still benefiting greatly. A client of mine purchased a few things on an invoice and included an energy service. The VIP discount alone paid for the entire energy service. Basically, he got the entire energy service for free. With a large discount of 20% off, my clients truly do save a ton of money off of their services which are really priceless.

Unfortunately, I am going to have to remove the benefit from the VIP membership that promises that the client can jump the line so to speak, since there are too many people in that membership and it's become impossible. I am going to leave the VIP membership available and with all of the perks that members have been benefiting from so far. 

They will get the discounts, the free annual healing, access to the courses and any goodies that get randomly sent. I’ll add more surprises over time. The VIP membership is still worth it. For ongoing access to all of the perks that I just mentioned, join it if you haven't already. If you've been a member, stay on board. 

If for any reason you were or are still a member of the VIP membership and feel in any way upset with what I've just explained, I truly apologize. I don't want anyone to feel as though they're not getting what they've paid for. That's for sure. Many have only just joined for usage of that one benefit of faster service, and the discount. 

However, I can't stress enough that with the discounts and access to the courses alone, you're looking at thousands of dollars worth of savings for only just a yearly fee of $250 . 

My courses themselves are filled with priceless information that I'm extremely overprotective with my courses. Yet, I've given my students in the VIP membership the benefit of being able to continue in the school. Because of that alone and all of the money that's been saved over time, there will be no refund to anyone who has been in the membership for over three months. 

I hope that everyone can understand. I especially hope that everyone will still be just as happy to continue in the VIP membership with all of the wonderful benefits that I'll be keeping in the package from this point forward. There's so much more to be excited about. Things that you'll find have changed in the VIP Membership are:

  1. Faster Service is no longer possible for this subscription.

  2. Clients can now use the 20% off discount,  for all orders.

  3. Members will receive their spiritual goodies box in the month of May. The contents of the boxes will vary.

Those are the only changes that will be made to that membership. Since it already offers a pretty good amount of discounts, ensures ongoing access to all of the courses, and provides the spiritual goody boxes in May, I feel like that's pretty good for the yearly price. I keep trying to explain to everyone that the yearly fee is instantly paid for, itself… just through a lot of the savings that each client gets throughout the year and using their promised discounts and than the free healing too. But with access to the courses as well? I'm truly robbing myself. Lol but I don't mind as much because it's making things easier for those enrolled.

I believe everything else will remain the same. With the membership’s contents being as they are now, anybody can become a VIP member. I love the benefits that come with the VIP member subscription. Since those who have joined the membership are people that have worked with me more regularly than others, it only makes sense that they would be considered a “VIP”.  But wait! What about going from VIP, to Behind Closed Doors?

Earn Your Wings!

Now that the new year has passed, and things are starting to get rolling again, I would like to officially offer the new membership that I just launched. This is a secret club/membership that has so many benefits! 

A lot of the benefits offered in the new membership will be totally spontaneous and they will change from time to time to make things exciting. I don't want to make any promises simply because I don't want anyone to have any expectations. This is the type of club that is only suitable for those who have faith and trust in me.  

There's a very specific criteria that potential members will have to meet in order to be considered for membership approval. There's an option to join under the “pricing plans” section of my website but that doesn't mean that everyone who attempts to join will be permitted to remain in it. 

You'll know whether you were accepted or not because only one of two things will happen. After purchasing the membership subscription everyone will receive a questionnaire to complete and submit back once finished. 

If you get a refund, that means that you were denied membership. Please don't feel offended in any way. If I have refunded you out of denying your membership, it's not because you weren't good enough to be in the membership. There is a very strict criteria in which I am following for this particular membership in order to greatly limit those who join. I really wanted to keep the size of this membership rather small, so that I can offer the promised benefits of it, easily. A larger crowd simply would not be beneficial.

If you receive the “Welcome” Brochure PDF, that means that you were approved. Everything that you'll need to know will be right there in the “Welcome” Brochure. 

Because of all of the benefits that are included in the membership, I'll only be offering a few spots in the membership this time. 

I'm posting this right before I reopen. That means that if anyone has enrolled in the new membership while I was away and hasn't heard anything from me, please keep in mind that I was closed. I'll be getting everyone situated just as soon as I get things back up and running. You'll get your packet and any other readings or services that you may have on schedule with me still soon.

“Behind Closed Doors' is a club that gives members access to activities and many other exclusive benefits that can help them to stay on track.  They will also have insider info that I don't share with the  public.

The price of the membership is a combination of the VIP membership fee with additional cost of the upgraded membership. Don't worry. Since there is going to be a more intimate number of members, nothing should get in our way. Another thing is that it is called “Behind Closed Doors” because no one except the members will have access to certain information and no one will know who is in the membership or not. That's how exclusive and hidden it is. 

There will only be 8 people admitted in total. 

Benefits of the club:

Not all of the benefits that are included in the club are listed on my website. They wouldn't allow me to add more and I also purposefully hid them because I wanted to see how many people could put trust in me. The reason for that is because this is a membership that requires trust because it provides random stuff. There can't be any lack of trust or impatience involved. 

New Stuff!

Domains and Sites

Excitedly, I want to inform everyone that the domain for this website will be changing over the course of the next week or so. The name of my site and business was a suggestion made by a relative of mine, who used to work and live with me. In order to be protected, we originally put the site in her name back when it opened. Then again, at that time it was not an official domain, but under WIX.

As time went by, I finally got a legitimate domain, but I never really liked the name of my website or business. “Spiritual Services”? It's truly cliché.

With that, I will just be calling the website after my name. This way everyone can find me more easily from my teachings since my YouTube and many other platforms have my name in it and not spiritual services.

I have already introduced the idea by adding my name logo on the site sometime ago, and now all that is left for me to do is to switch the domain. How many of you have been with me for that long that you can recall my website back in the day? Remember all of the galactic and celestial colors, moving gifs, and terrible load time for the pages? Haha. I was not very good at building websites back then. 

With guidance from above, the heavens walked me all along the way, and I finally built a great website. I'm very proud of it, but I can't take all of the credit for the design. My best friend actually was the one who suggested that we do a nice clean white background. I think it looks professional. But I do miss all of the pretty colors lol.

Spiritually Awkward

For anyone that hasn't noticed yet, my personal blog has changed back to its former name “Spiritually Awkward”. The domain alifeofvirtues is now for a new magazine that I'll be building this year. I've already started building it, there are a few articles there. I haven't added a great deal yet as I hope to expand on it throughout time and maybe even have people who are interested in submitting articles there, to do so. It's definitely not like a lot of the other material that I have out there because it does focus on some things outside of spirituality, incorporating that into spirituality. It's interesting. I'll share it with everyone once it's launched.

New services

There are several new services available on my website. However, you can't really get to them right now I don't believe, because some of the pages are closed until I catch up on work. My energy services page is still up and running though. 

You'll find a new service there, which is an “Ultimate DNA service”, including all three DNA services together, in one package and with a great discount. If you read the full description, there's a lot That is invested into that, even a larger discount for those who include the full body cleansing that's needed and the mini personal life coaching to help them in understanding what to do with their DNA services after they've gotten it done. I'm trying to make this as cheap and easy for everyone as I can.

From this point forward, I  am limiting how many readings can be purchased monthly. I know everyone gets excited to get their services and readings when they have the money to do so, but it's extremely pressing on my psychic gifts and time.

I will be asking regular clients if they would like me to make them a yearly program that they can follow so that they will know what to do throughout the year that can help them continue like a criteria of sorts, sort of like a college semester itinerary, that they can follow through with so that they can see what's necessary or needed at different times. This will help them to know what may be more beneficial for them, rather than just getting different things here and there when their spirit guides might feel that something is more necessary for them at a certain time of the year. 

That will be offered through a reading called; Heavenly Homework: Yearly Spiritual Plan Assessment. Anyone in the new “Behind Closed Doors” membership will receive the reading, optionally for free as a club benefit.  Otherwise, I'm going to limit how many readings can be purchased weekly. If the reading pages are not accessible here and there, then everyone will know why. I will have a pop up box on my welcome page to let everyone know what's going on when I've reached the limit. This will help to keep things moving a little bit better for now on. 

I also wanted to add that on my terms and conditions page I will be adding a new term. If someone has been a client of mine, throughout time, there are specific services that are going to have limitations on them themselves. I have had clients purchase specific readings that I feel, you only need a few times here and there. Someone had purchased an alternate selves reading almost 50 times. That doesn't make any sense because I could've just bundled a package together for them and did an Alternative Akasha and it would've saved money. 

I have also had a few clients purchase the “Memories from Home” reading over four dozen times almost within the same two month duration. That also could have been done a lot easier with a Celestial Akasha being done if they wanted me to focus on going into deeper memories of the places that I've already indicated that they've been to in their journey, when I did their celestial records the first time. All they have to do is specify what they're looking for in the celestial records reading when they purchased it again. this way to get many memories, and we can do that a few times throughout time, rather than having the person spend so much money and exasperate my vision.

It would definitely be far more helpful to the individuals who are seeking that kind of information.

Hopefully, with these new changes things will move along a lot more quickly. The only thing is, I cannot put them into effect until I've gotten caught up as much as I possibly can. 

Please hang in there. I know that a lot of you have heard me say that so many times throughout the year, but it has been a very hard year for me and my family. In fact in the last few years, I think I've been very difficult to say the least. But I know that it's not just that way for me and mine, that many of you have also undergone many hardships as well. I can only hope that everyone can exhibit virtues, and to continue being understanding.

Quick Reminder

I just wanted to end this newsletter with the reminder that if you have purchased services within the last couple months and have not received them yet, they will arrive. I am not unorganized, nor do I forget about any client that I have on my schedule, because the schedule is always in front of me. 

I am working diligently to get everyone completed.

 If you have purchased any Akasha work, you know that I have a very long wait list, for those and I am trying to get through such extensive work, as fast as I can. It is a lot of work, and with that kind of time and energy… I can only complete a few people within a year. I begin a little bit of everybody’s at time of purchase, but those that are ahead of the line come first. Rose will be the ones that I'll put more time and energy into, in order to get them done since they were first to purchase ahead of the others. 

But for the reason that I have started working on every order that does come in for them, that is why refunds are not available for that particular service at all.

My refund policy still stands for other things as it always has with there being no refunds after 48 hours. Nevertheless, for any Akasha services that are purchased, I cannot issue a refund ever. I certainly would expect that no one would be that inconsiderate to request one after so much time has gone by knowing that I've been putting a lot of time and effort into them here and there as much as I can, aside from all of the other clients that I have who are also waiting. 

I truly appreciate the patience and understanding. It's to be expected of those who come seeking spiritual things, that they would have a spiritual mindset, to be considerate in the first place.

Fake Pages

I also wanted to remind everybody that there are still fake profile pages going around on me on Instagram and Facebook both. 

I have many times told my lawyer about it and from what I've learned, the person was located and is being investigated. They're not just being investigated because of me though. When someone is  impersonating another person and appears as that individual's business, they are committing fraud. While they are being investigated, nothing is going to be said, or done to them until evidence is gathered and thank goodness that the law has the very best equipment to use when watching on the Internet. At least later on, this person will finally learn their lesson I suppose.

If you come across a page that looks identical or similar to mine, using my name or pictures, don't trust it. The only social media profiles that I have are the ones that you all already know about. If the individual or page is asking for Venmo, Cashapp, or any other form of payment outside of being asked to use my legitimate website, then you are not working with me, but with the fraudster. I only take payments through PayPal or WIX through invoices that are sent by me with my watermark, or by purchasing through my website directly. I never conduct business through messaging or any other forms of payment.

Travel and Meet Ups

I thought this would also be a good time to mention that this year I am planning to travel in order to hold some personal workshops in person, live. I will not be doing channelings this way, not yet. But I am doing these lectures in person in order to allow people to get more familiar with my teachings, and if any of my actual students come… they can ask questions that they've been wanting to ask about things that they've learned too. I will post in the spring where I am going first, when, and what the subject of my lecture will be for that first event.

Thank you so much for reading the newsletter and yes, there will be new management going on behind the scenes. While I am working on getting some of the other services completed, I will not be opening up the reading pages on the website as of yet. However, I will be reopening to start engaging with everyone on February 6.

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Ena Whiteraven
Feb 05, 2023

I’m so happy You’re doing better! I have not been using Your website (only the app because it’s faster), but I’ll check it out and see what we can do. Looking forward to the new changes!


Unknown member
Feb 05, 2023

Hello Alura and thanks for the updates. No I wasn't aware there were a donation page on your website. I use the wix app when I need to purchase something. I saw there were a donation link to your twitter account but this app is not available in my country as I tried to download it recently. I have a question regarding the emails. Maybe it was written is the last newsletter but can we still send prayers request on your website ? Because the email I received that your adress is "closed" and I don't know if the prayers are sent in the same email adress or another one. Same question for the "booking". I can try my best…

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