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Fall Updates

 Welcome dear friends. I can’t express myself enough in saying that I am extremely excited about my latest project which for now, will be kept secret.  I also wanted  to say that I still send all of my love to those that are no longer around anymore. You will always be missed and the door is always open. I also apologize to those of you still waiting for services. I have such a booked up schedule. Even with just a little work, I’m still quite busy. I am working other jobs now due to inflation, managing this work, and raising the two little ones. There’s not much help with tasks or financially, and so it’s all been on me alone. I am doing my very best. Thank you for standing by me. My heart is with all of the other moms out there that are doing the same for themselves and their families. Stay strong. I am. Heaven is with us.

New Changes

I had posted on Facebook just recently that I would have some changes occurring in regards to some things here at the site and in how I’ll be working.  I am very excited about the changes because I feel that it will help immensely in a lot of different things. Let me go ahead and begin explaining what these changes are, and why I’ve made them. This way everyone can stay up-to-date with what’s going on these days.

Reading uploads

The first thing is that I am going to be using Dropbox to supply people with their readings for now on. The reason why I’ve come to decide this is because not everybody makes a profile on the portal when I ask them to. I have to be able to deliver their reading, and if the person doesn’t sign up, then I have no place to put it. At least I’ll be able to add it to dropbox in the meantime, so that it’s there and the file does not get lost. 

This will help prevent some of the reading files from getting deleted from my computer system over time if they weren’t delivered to the portal. You see, after I do the reading, I upload a copy of it to the portal itself and then I delete the original copy from whatever device I had recorded it on. This ensures that the person has a copy of their reading, and then I’m not taking up too much storage space on my devices. 

Therefore I’m letting everyone know that after your reading has been rendered to you, there is no other file available. It’s very important that you download your readings immediately.  If you have a portal, you can keep it and whatever readings are there, will remain for now. However, if you don’t login for a while, there’s a chance that it could be deleted in the future. 

Group Changes

As many of you know, I have a group on Facebook. I recently created a new one because I wanted to do an experiment. I created the new group and I kept it quiet. I didn’t share or announce it. I wanted to see if it would be visible to anyone else outside of the circle that I usually interact with. The reason being that with having spiritual groups, usually anyone spiritually minded would be interested to join. At the least, maybe a new person here and there. I didn’t expect a whole lot of people when I created my first group, but I did expect to see a few requests for membership come in along the way. Yet overtime, it’s always been the same people. Trust me I don’t have any issues with the circle that I am in now. I love everybody with all my heart. But I am trying to get my work to reach further so that I can help more people too. But nobody else really ever came along except for those that I had recommended the group to. Therefore, I created this new group and I didn’t let anyone know about it. Would anyone from outside of the circle find it? After a couple weeks of it being up, it appears that the only people who found it, were the friends that I’ve always had from my previous group. 

Well we’re on the subject of my previous group, it’s still up and running as of right now. However, I have made an important decision. I base my decision upon the results of the experiment with the new group and I also had a few other reasons. for one, throughout time people have mentioned that they didn’t feel as if they were comfortable in the group. I guess they have their own personal reasons. I’ve always tried to make everyone feel comfortable with me at least. The other thing is, everybody follows one another in my circle anyhow. What’s the use of having a group, if everybody just gets each other's feed? 

I figured it would probably be better if we just pause all of the groups for now and communicate with each other off of our profiles. This way everyone can communicate with the people that they feel they get along best with, and if they don’t connect with anyone else, they won’t have to feel obligated. 

We have some pretty good memories in our group on Facebook until I don’t have the heart to delete it they do have an option to fall as a group if you want to just leave yourself in there for memories sake, pausing the group will make it so that you won’t get any notifications and that nobody can share in the group anymore for the time being. Maybe sometime in the future there will be an opportunity to open it again. I know that I truly miss the group, but everybody will still be there as we are all still friends on Facebook. I really do feel that this is a very positive decision for myself and a lot of people.

I think it’ll also make it so that nobody gets left out as well. I usually post certain things in my group that I don’t post on my profile and people miss out on it all of the time.


Just wanted to remind everybody that may have not been informed previously or may have forgotten that I only communicate through my app for my spiritual services website here. It’s easier to keep in touch with everyone and I don’t have to jump around to too many different places. I also have the ability to avoid the emails which sometimes are not always so nice from certain individuals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for cooperating.

Shortened Time

As I was saying in one of my paragraphs above, some of the programs that I use for recording and uploading don't allow for a lot of storage space to be used up. For that reason I wanted to inform everybody that the reading length will be shortened. That means that from now on instead of having a lengthy introduction, I’ll just get to the point and send you the results. This way, you can have a more convenient reading without having to hear anything educational. 

I always believed in providing the best insight for my clients and for that reason, I would talk about the reading a little bit, and also explain why the results were important as they were. However, there’s just not enough storage space to hold onto all of those audios that go up to about a half hour to an hour. I also found that some just prefer to only hear the results anyway. This will also ensure that the readings get out to people a little bit faster as I know that the waiting time has been horrific even when I try to work as quickly as I could. VIP members still go first as usual, but I would like to try to get everyone done.

If you are a student that would rather I kept the educational aspect of the reading with the results, you can kindly let me know. I’m more than happy to still provide the services for you, in any way that you feel is most helpful. 

Discontinued and New

I also wanted to inform others that there will be some services that are being discontinued in the near future. For one, I have a new time shift reading for people that wanted to know how the retrograde planet would affect your lives into the future. However, it is only a novelty reading and so it will be going down in the next week or so.

I will also be discontinuing the following list of services.

  1. The Ultimate Soul Reading- the basic reading and blueprints reading will only be available going forward. 

  2. The Soul Development program

  3. Personal coaching 

  4. Aura and chakra combo

  5. Basic generational spirit removal- since I found that it doesn’t usually help to remove it just from one person and that it requires for the family to be crunch, I don’t wanna offer the service so that I can ensure that nobody spends money or something that won’t have 100% guaranteed results that the dark energy removal service will always remain though.

  6. Spiritual packages

Something new that will be added to the site is an option for people to just combine any two readings that they want. I’ll have a fair price for it and it’ll be based upon how long I’ll have to channel and the time it will require to present the combo reading as well. 


Other than that, there’s not too much new going on here except some new projects I’m working on a few new YouTube videos that I’ll be uploading each week. I also have a new channel, and I’ll be focusing on a new magazine.

I’m thankful that you took the time to read this. 

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If we're just gonna be following one another's Facebook feeds, you're still going to be missing people in that regards. I don't really follow anyone. I have a couple or so people that find posts I share of your work. My whole thing is that I always feel sidelined and while I have changed a lot as a person and I have much better impulse control to the point where it's barely there most time, I still find myself feeling very isolated. If people are only following those they feel comfortable with, aren't you still going to be missing people general in terms of activities, articles, etc?


Ena Whiteraven
Ena Whiteraven

Also, I should probably add (for the benefit of anyone who may have forgotten) that we do still have the wix app. There's a private group on there and a public forum. In other words, we won't be a separate as it may first seem. I will be much more active there for the foreseeable future. I was going to make that change anyway, but these alterations to the facebook group will have me doing it sooner. Looking forward to chatting with people on there!



Hi Alura. Thank you for the updates. I honestly found the new group because I see a new picture and realised it was a new group. I wanted to share the page on my social media but I didn't know if you wanted other people to find it by themselves or if you needed some sharing. sometimes I don't even see the updates about your pro page. There is a picture I saw because I connected to my pro page and when I went on your page, the picture was invisible. By the way I have a small request for your website. Sometimes I use my computer and when I'm looking for a specific reading it doesn't appear on th…



Thanks for the update !! Good to know and be kept in the loop, I always appreciate when you post one of these (: especially glad to know how to contact you!! I’ll be sure to stop sending emails and just message you on here lol lots of love my friend 💕


Ena Whiteraven
Ena Whiteraven

Thank you for the update. I'll miss the group and am looking forward to it starting up again.

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