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News and Updates April 15, 2022

Greetings and happy Friday. Today is April 15, 2022.

As many of you know the pages for purchasing readings is currently down because I was backed up with some pretty heavy duty energy services that people had purchased. I’m happy to say that I’m nearly almost finished with everyone and that I’ll be able to get some confirmation sent out throughout the weekend and into next week. It’ll be then that I’m able to open the reading pages back up again. If for any reason they don’t open, it’s merely because I ran into a small delay perhaps maybe from having had an issue with an energy service that I needed to redo where to watch over to see its results before confirming. I think everybody for their patients in their understanding as I know the readings have been down. Trust me, for all of the people asking, I want to have those readings I’ve just as much as anybody else does. I need to be able to help others or I feel like I don’t have any purpose. But I am doing the very best that I can with the services that are already booked into my schedule, as well as some of the things I’m working on that I’ll talk about down below.

I also wanted to say that not having those readings up hurts me a lot financially for sure and so please don’t feel as though I’m deliberately holding anyone back from spiritually seeking. Like I said I would like to get them back up and running but I really have to make sure that I do a thorough job with the spiritual energy services that people purchase lately. It takes a great deal of time, and energy to do the services that I’m offering and I didn’t want any distractions in between time while doing them. I’m sure many of you understand.

New Schedule & Communication

I have had some schedule changes over time which I’ve had to modify because of my limited time throughout each day. In the past I found that it worked a lot better to segrete different services throughout the week so that I would have time for other things for the rest of the week. I’ll be returning back to that schedule. I did want to announce when my work hours were just in case people didn’t know when I would be most active. Currently;

Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, I don’t work. On those days I check my emails, IM’s and texts. However I wanted to announce that I’ll have an automated system set up for my emails and I’ll be expecting that should everyone have special questions for the readings that they will add them into the note area where they make their purchase for their readings through the WIX website for Spiritual Services Portal there is actually a little area there that allows you to add some details for the readings that you want. Many people have found it and used it successfully and it was very helpful to me as well. If you can’t find it, you can send in a contact form which uploads your information straight to the little message chat box associated with your member profile on that site. I always check it to see if you submit a new one so that I have details for your services if you need special attention to certain things. If you need to contact me, I will have other accommodations made that you can reach me probably a lot easier if you are in rolled especially in a service that allows you ongoing communications with Me such as hiring me as your private advisor for the year, or life coaching at different times. For those that are in courses I’ll be able to communicate with everyone there on the classroom website.

I’m also going to start being a little bit more available on social media. I would like to see everyone getting together to do different activities again as we used to. If you’re not interested that’s fine, but I would really like it if I could see some motivation and inspiration from those of you that are still serious about your spiritual pathway. It’s sort of like how Mr. Miyagi used to teach Daniel son how to wax on wax off. The things that I do in the group are things that are teaching you along the lines of the virtues and many other things that I am guiding my students in when it comes to coaching and the courses. If you trust, everything will come together on its own later.

I work on the rest of the days but my work hours begin from 10 PM till 5 AM. I apologize for having to send them this late but the sunlight really hurts me and I also have a lot of daily responsibilities that I have to attend to throughout the daily hours. Psychic work is always best done in light of the moon anyway.

Can’t find the Announcements?

It was brought to my attention that for a lot of my students and clients and even those that are interested in receiving services that not everybody sees the news that I post when I add it to my Facebook business page or even here in the announcements area. I’ll be adding a copy of the news to the blog on Alura‘s world and I’ll also add a new section on my “A Life of Virtues” website for the readers there. I think it’s because they have so many different platforms. I don’t wanna post such a lengthy amount of text in my social media stories and so I’ll have to add copies those places until I can get more people to sign up as mobile members so that they can stay up-to-date with the announcements themselves.

Customer Management

Currently, I’ll be going through sign-ups on my websites. It’s been brought to my attention as well, that there are multiple member sign-ups on my spiritual services website but that they are through fake email addresses or there are double sign-ups. This is not good for analytics and so I’ll have to start deleting those member profiles. I’ve also noticed that for the member profiles on my website that some have failed to add the proper information for their client profile there. For the site spiritual services and our client portal, there were members that are missing a photo and date of birth as well as any contact info that they would like me to have just in case for the future. If you have a membership that’s legitimate on my website please be sure to go over there today were at your earliest convenience to add your details and photograph. It helps me to get your readings done a lot faster if I have those details. Instead of having to wait a couple of days for every single person which leads to a few weeks for the services to be rendered, if I had those details I could get everyone done a lot faster. Even if you are a client that has been with me for a very long time, please be sure to add a legitimate picture, date of birth and anything else that you think I need to your member profile if not on the portal at least at the spiritual service website. When you make your purchases, my schedule automatically adds your purchase to my list and I could just easily click right on your name to get your details and do your reading. However people fail to leave me a question or comment for their services and then again there’s no photo of them for me to focus on. For people I’ve worked with for a long time I do know what you look like and I can easily visualize but sometimes I’m jumping from one Client to another and it’s easier to focus if I have your picture as a focal point.

I’ll be sending a test newsletter out to all of the contacts on my spiritual services website asking everyone to add their picture and details to their member profile. Since I know everyone has very busy schedules as well, I’ll wait a few days before beginning the deleting process. If I don’t see details added within the next couple of days, I’ll be deleting your information. I also have someone else helping me with this and they don’t know who my long-term clients are and so if you are a long-term client without details, please make sure that yours are added. If you don’t and your member profile gets deleted, I apologize in advance but we have to get all of these things in order for better organization and faster better quality service.

The Course

My brand-new course “The Bible Untold” at has begun with an introduction lesson and I am already getting ready to upload this first legitimate lesson for this weekend. I have four more spots available for the course before it’s closed for enrollment. If you are interested I would make sure that you get your enrollment set up at my online classroom within the next couple of days. Even if those slots aren’t filled I’ll still have to close out the course by next week. This is not the same as my online educational blog which also has a similar name only the domain is missing the word “THE” at the beginning as you can see. I made it so that they carry different alterations of the name because I wanted people to associate the classroom with the blog but not to be confused by it. Since today is 15 April I’m intending on closing out the course for any enrollments by the 20th. That gives us about five working days to except the last few enrollments that are available.

I would like to say very quickly that even though you may not be a Christian, the course isn’t being taught from a religious viewpoint. It is to go into the mythical application of the secrets of Esoteric writings of the Bible. It complements a lot of the other courses as it will shed light into some areas of things that I’ve spoken about. It is a good course to take especially if you have been throughout the other courses. If you don’t want to take it then that’s fine too as it’s going to pretty heavy, but I will have one last and final course next year which will be the one that I will ever teach online for my career. I’ll spend the rest of my career teaching these things in person through live webinars after. Some of the information is already being transcribed to put into Books as well and I did submit some of it for copyright.

Name Changes

I’ll also be changing the name to spiritual services, just using my very own name as the title of the site and possibly the domain.


Today, I am continuing to work on the following orders;

11593, Two Services



11616, Two Services



All of which belong to one person.

I’ll also be completing;


11642 & 11625 Large Energy Services which were already started and will have their last sessions completed over the weekend.

Please keep in mind that if your order number fell before or in between that I am more than likely still working on them. I thank you always for your patience.

Akasha Records Closing

I don’t currently have any openings for any Akasha records. If you ordered yours and it’s in the schedule to be worked upon. As each one gets completed, another will be entered. I do have room to take two more orders if anyone was interested in getting theirs done, for the rest of this year. I’ll be closing this year‘s list of records readings once those two slots are filled.

Ukraine and Charity

I have also disclosed that I would be sharing 10% of all every energy services that are purchased into a fund that I've set aside to raise money for UNICEF for Ukraine. I do believe that there are many other places helping and that they are helping with animals and families alike. Things upon doing some research I’ll be ending my collection for that. I have sent the donations that others have provided to me for that fund as well as my own added money to the funds from the 10% that was taken from all of the energy services purchased. It was sent just the other day and I was very content to know that children that are affected by the devastation in Ukraine will be helped. However, there has been a few other things that were brought to my current attention. I am not trying to market this to bring in more sales for myself because I really don’t expect it to get any more sales than I already do. I’m only just trying to share with my heartfelt intentions are, to those that do come along and purchase spiritual help for themselves. You are also not only helping your own spiritual growth, but your purchase is helping me to add from my own earned income through those purchases, money to help causes that are very important.

Already I have helped the tornado devastation in Kentucky and was provided help through sponsorship on the side to do so. Now we’ve helped the children in Ukraine. I am moving onto the next projects. For now on I’ll be taking that same 10% off of all of my services not just for the energy work but readings as well (when the pages open). I’ll add it into a side fund that will help me with two specific causes that I’m willing to fight for and support.

A few things were brought to my attention that devastated me from even though I’ve already had some awareness about these issues before. With it coming back up I did some research and also ask the heavens for some advice. I think at this point in time it would be why this is so trying to raise money to actually help and do something about these problems. Right now there is a terrible pandemic going on in the city of Kensington Philadelphia. These people are addicted to terrible substances and life literate all over the streets, falling down wherever it is that their body collapses from the use of drugs and fatigue as well as starvation. When I worked as an addictions counselor temporarily during my internship in the city of Camden New Jersey, I saw a man that used to hand out scriptures and food to the attics there that were homeless. It really gave them something to look forward to and brought some joy to their lives. Families that has lost touched with these disease loved ones, eventually found out about the outreach and they were grateful that while they couldn’t do much for their lost beloved relative anymore, that there was someone trying to do something at least to keep them alive. As many of you know, I have fed the homeless in Philadelphia many times but not recently. I’ve gone into Center city a couple of times and handed out food but now I want to do some more outreach in Kensington.

I know that this isn’t a subject that many people care about but it’s important to me. Through friends that I’ve lost to substance abuse and through what I’ve witnessed and seen with my own eyes and working in a drug infested area as an intern, I want to bring light to the lives of people who feel like giving up on their own. Whether it’s giving them food, donated clothing, or even a bus ticket, these items are essential and providing a little bit of ease to the hardships that they go through. I’ll add a small bit from my own income to gather of these items.

More of the fund will go toward supporting my local animal shelter because these shelters are getting overfilled with animals especially pitbull‘s. I’m going to be petitioning to my local cities to do some thing about ownership of Pitbulls so that these poor animals don’t end up getting euthanized or stuck in shelters anymore. At the local shelter it was made up of 70% of Pitbulls that were found in the local city area. I’ll also be funding supplies to help take care of these poor little creatures. As you come for services, please know that a small amount of your proceed is going to be going to these two causes. I just wanted everyone to know as I’m always honest about what I do.


There’s also a possibility that I’ll have to go to California to meet with a few people sometime this summer and so if any of you want to meet up while I’m out there to ask questions or to learn a little more please contact me. I’m hoping to have a free get together but I would also make some room for some in person sessions if anyone wanted to talk about that.

Thank you everybody, and I really appreciate all of you that took the time to read this. Again I’ll be reposting another place to make sure that people will know for on now on to subscribe to the mobile app or websites so that they can get notifications of new blogs or the announcements here for mobile users. Most of the news is posted at my Facebook business page and the mobile announcements and I would really like to keep that way since it takes a lot of time having to put it all over the place just so that everyone can see it. Please try to cooperate to make it easier. I humbly ask you from my heart.


I forgot to add that for the last three weeks, someone has sent two dozen roses to my home. Its not a familiar energy since it came from the delivery service and not the person directly. Usually I can “see” who sends things things even without a tag or card but these last two times I am sure that its not from anyone that that I have worked with alot or a close friend. I know everyone’s energy. Therefore, whoever you are… thank you! It was a great blessing and brought warmth to feel loved. I’ll channel into who you to find out who sent them but thought maybe you wanted to remain anonymous since the flowers did not have a card each of the three times. But if you won’t come forward, I would like to know so that I can sat say thank you properly.

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Ena Whiteraven
Ena Whiteraven
Apr 16, 2022

Thanks you for the update! I'll make sure my info is correct. And yes, I've never received notification of the updates on Your facebook page. I had to go to it to check. Excited to purchase more services with You, too!

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