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Important News

Greetings everyone!

I’m not sure how many will see this members versus frequent visitors, but I have some news. By tomorrow, a new estimated time of delivery will go up on the Bookings page. Also...

Due to growth in reach, my schedule is overly full. With the intake and outgoing of psychic energy and it just being me who performs the healings, readings, and coaching... I have to schedule different days for different services. I have to conserve energy somehow. Therefore, starting this week of May 10, 2021 (every second week of the month) readings will be performed with VIPs Monday’s and Tuesday’s and then Wednesdays, and Thursdays I’ll start on the other clients (not all orders will be completed though).

Friday’s will be coaching and weekly packages.

Saturday and Sunday’s I’ll be closed for rest. I wont be taking personal messages on weekends through text either. Any texts sent to my number will receive a reply during the week. I apologize but I have to stretch my time.

On the third week of the month (falling on May 17th, 2021 this month) I’ll perform all healing and energy services on Monday thru Thursday. New receipts for these services will be provided via your portals. On the 18th of every month, Spirit Melody and other monthly subscriptions will be provided. If you are signed for coaching but have not started, you will receive yours on the 14th this upcoming week.

The fourth week of the month will include a few things. One task will be answering service based emails. If you don’t have a service ordered or you’re not inquiring about any interest that you have for any, then emails for anything else will be postponed since I’m the only one to reply.

Please note that my terms and conditions will have some changes as made by my legal team last week.

If you receive a notification from the portal that your service was rendered but see 0 mb or 0.00 time, please notify me later that day if it doesn’t change within the next hour of your first notification? Please do not wait any longer than the same day after your notification comes thru. Check spam folders at times too. We have also updated the refund time to within 48 hours of your purchase. Anything after 48 hours is against our Terms, in affiliation with PayPal. A new video should be posted to YouTube at the end of the month. A new Herald will be posted under member password protection soon too. Passwords will be emailed to all VIP members for both.

Surprise Membership boxes will be distributed this week into next week as I have quite a few and all products are handmade.

Thank you! Sending my love!

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