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Dark Consciousness Update

Updated: Mar 19, 2019


A biological weapon.

Divine blessings to you. The messenger comes through to provide us with some recent guidance in terms of a spiritual interference that has been going on for quite some time now. It is called a dark consciousness. Archangel Azrael knows this negative energy better than anyone. This angel came through in a channeling with me to let everyone know that who ever loves and those that believe in the heavens and are trying to do the best that they can in counteracting the effects will be protected due to their trust and faith in the above. That faith and trust is exhibited by listening to the advice and guidance provided from the angels. Including myself and the visitor who tells us that there are so many spiritual deaths going on in the world today all around us. But we also have many rebirths to celebrate as well! Before we get into all of that, let’s take a look at what we need to know as far as what the current symptoms of dark consciousness are.

The original “Dark Consciousness” article is found at but as an update, the energy is changing everyone and everything. People feel it’s effects and they see how the world has shifted. The angels want everyone to be aware of the symptoms.

The dark energy:

1. Leaves a thin light coating of black dust on furniture, walls, and upholster.

I have had that issue and many people have also been telling me that they have it too. I noticed it in my home last year. Quite a few clients of mine also asked about it after seeing in their homes. You will notice that it appears on your ceilings first, there may be a light coating on furniture already, but you’ll really start to see most of the symptoms up on your ceilings around the edges. If you don’t have it then you are very lucky, but there are hundreds of people already telling me that they have the same issue and breathing it is making their body feel very dense and providing other symptoms.


Symptoms- The symptoms will have you feeling extremely drained and lethargic. Many people will not feel like getting up or doing anything as much anymore. This is to remove the motivation and leave people feeling like theit only option is sitting inside all day. Some will not even want to get dressed, and this depression over the extreme. Energy loss, extreme boredom, nothing appealing in life, loss of former interests. Regression back into your old ways of life before spiritualityWill also be with you. Listen, if you have certain things that you like to do, that may not be the best you are the healthiest, then so be it. Nobody’s perfect, and if you’re not content living your life to extreme perfectionist fanaticism, then you don’t have to. You can live your life in anyway that it makes you happy. But if you are living your life day to day, feeling down and only taking part in unhealthy habits and activities, then that’s not good. And it may be as a result of the dark consciousness. There were many others in the start of their spiritual path, that still had their little recreational things that they were a part of, but they still pursued taking care of themselves spiritually and were seeking knowledge. You cannot let that escape you.

3. Changes in character : you will also notice that there will be changes in character, in your self or others. Feeling a little more down than usual, more irritable, just wanting to isolate and remain alone. Those are definite symptoms. Our angel in heaven provides us with the insight that there may be more of a tendency to get agitated more quickly, just feeling exhausted emotionally and mentally. You may also start feeling so fed up that the love starts to dissipate.

Help is here...

Angels in heaven want to help you. They just asked that you try to fight through this with all of your heart, sticking to your spiritual routine. And that’s the least of it. That’s all that you have to do. Just try to keep yourself motivated and keeping up with your spiritual care. Put healthy things into your mind, and nurture your emotions around positive people. Try to socialize with people that you know who are like-minded and on a good path. Hanging out with others who are affected by this toxicity, only bring you down more.

And have your aura cleanse every now and then. Even with a protection shield, it may collect particles of this energy so much overtime but it starts to get heavy on the outside. That will leave you with the symptom of feeling like there’s kind of something hovering over you. Other symptoms will be that you feel watched or that you’re having pressure on your crown chakra because with the dark consciousness gives other psychics,cults, and other organizations.... the ability to tap into you Psychically and right now we do have a group attack that’s been ongoing since the end of 2017. Be careful is all. Spirits as well and they always go for the chakra that is the highest frequency out of your spiritual system. They get people when they are weakest. This is weakening everyon.

The Angel says that if you continue your spiritual routine even during times where you have a lack of motivation, they will help you. Take a cleansing bath, have some spiritual healing or reiki performed. Listen to positive music and try to safeguard yourself against any kind of artificial intelligence as well. Being as active as you can really help in addition to meditation and your other spiritual practices. The Angels each and every day, watch over everyone’s soul so that it does not get lost in the exchanging of powers, that comes with the next age. Just like there is a depopulation or people, there is a depopulation of souls as well. And once souls are spiritually dead, they just use them to enslave them here in reincarnation. The Angels fight for but you have to fight too and not give up.🙏🏻😇

I this sometime ago in another article where I was talking about micro chips being implanted into black dust coming from s and also dense negative energy. It was an article about the small micro chips that are implanted by breathing the air. You can learn more by researching more about it. Pretty soon people are going to be getting sick and people will suffer in a lot of lung issues, even small children. Small children will have their immune system drop, which the body really cannot fight off illness. This will occur a lot and kids will get sick more easily and more frequently. Angels want to protect you but you have to Listen to their advice. If you need guidance, contact with her reading or healing. Anyhow, with angels by your side doing the best that they can they ask that you don’t give up in the face of the struggle.

The indoor generation was produced for a reason. Toxins are being released into the air and accumulating in People’s homes due to moisture created from air-conditioning and heating systems. It creeps in from the inside, and breeds more on the inside. And people are being kept in their homes deliberately, since they are making apps like DoorDash, Amazon and so I want to make it so that you never have to really leave your house or anything at all again and that is why most people are also learning to work from home. They don’t have to go out for anything at all. And all the while everybody is sitting in front of their TVs and computers or phones, and breathing in this toxic biological weapon which was created for the population. I had predicted this sometime ago although we did not know the exact method that they would go with. It is so pure evil genius that they have used this method because nobody would ever realize what it was, and they would think it was nearly something wrong with their home after a while. Trust me I have more information coming. The angels are trying to help I warning people, but how many people are really going to listen. Please try to spread the word. Peoples lives are in danger and they have to at least do what they can to keep themselves and their families safe. Even young children and adults are having breakouts in their skin, strange itching is coming from nowhere, headaches, fatigue, just feeling really tired and not the same anymore. I will have an expose on what this really is soon. It is a mental, energetic, spiritual and physical weapon made of a biological material.

I’d like to do it by video, and I hope everyone will be with me on sharing it when it debuts.

You will also want to look at your cobwebs especially, they will have a black color to them. As a psychic I know all things. And for sure I first saw this coming. But as an angelic psychic, I know all things. And for sure, I first saw this coming. But the experiments were only just underway. Now I know exactly what it is and it is truly toxic.

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Ena Whiteraven
Ena Whiteraven
27 de mar. de 2019

Got a new question: we're planning on buying washable breathing masks. We don't like the idea of adding to the landfill with all the disposable masks. The first question is, is it better to just use the disposable ones instead of washing out the black stuff? (We'd handwash them separate from the rest of our clothing, of course.) The second question is, I've seen some of these masks have carbon filters. I don't think that's a good idea because carbon is exactly what we don't want in the air so we were going to get the ones without a filter or just not use the filters that come with them. Is this a good idea?


19 de mar. de 2019

Kids def getting sick and the schools are a sespool of diseases every time they go they bring home something new it seems like

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